First Shoot with the D200

28 04 2007

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Fort Room in BW, originally uploaded by brentbat.

Today was my first shoot with the new camera. The camera itself performed flawlessly. I love so much about the camera compared to my Nikon D70 that it is hard to know where to begin. Fundamentally though it is just the pure quality of the images that impress me.

I did make one mistake though on bracketing for HDR work. I didn’t realise that the camera was maxing out the exposures at 30sec, so when I shot a 7 frame bracket, it was not over-exposing enough which creates more noise in the lowlights when you produce your HDR image.

Found some new angles and places to shoot, but it was still hard to really concentrate with Michael there.

The blue room

I discovered the “Blue Room” this time. I am definitely going to go back and shoot this room some more with my new lens. Here’s what I am planning…
1) Smoke to highlight the beams of light weaving through the room
2) I want to make a feature of the incredible dust and stones sitting at the base of the shuttered windows.

The Old Steel Shutters

I might need to bring something to elevate my tripod by another 12″.

All-in-all though I was very happy with the shots that I got out of my D200. A promising start to a new photographic chapter.




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