Opera hose sunrise day 2

10 04 2007

Opera hose sunrise day 2
Originally uploaded by brentbat.

While the sky wasn’t as good as yesterday, I think I did a better job with the processing. Also my bracketing was better which resulted in much less noise in the low-lights. I discovered that the trick is to make sure you really over expose the picture enough (so that you correctly expose the shadows). If you don’t do that, you seem to get tons of noise in your HDR image.


My First HDR photo

10 04 2007

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opera house at dawn hdr, originally uploaded by brentbat.

I was lucky with the sky, but I have realised that Photomatix is a bit heavier on the saturation that I realised.

My Photographic Journey

10 04 2007

I have started this blog to chronicle my journey as a photographer. While I have been involved in photographer for almost 30 years (that is scary in it’s own right), it is becoming clear to me that my learning and development as a photographer is accelerating. I think this is primarily due to the digital evolution and tools like Flickr that are making it so much easier to learn, share, publish etc.

Not sure how active I will be with this blog, but we’ll see in time.