Better Than Last Week…

19 05 2007

Well this week I went out for another trip to try and get a decent sunrise over Long Reef.

The Good News was that I didn’t screw up the tides this time and there was plenty of the reef exposed.

The Bad News was that the sunrise was pretty boring. Not a cloud in the sky! One of these days I have to get a half decent sky when I am down at Long Reef…. However it continues to elude me thus far.

Long Reef Wakes Up

I took a few photos that still came out OK. This photo was taken with my D200 and Tokina 12-24mm lens @ 12mm and f11. I created an HDR composite from 7 frames that ranged from 1/2sec up to 1/125sec.

Regarding my workflow, for this print I did the following.

  1. Create HDR Composite and Tone Map in Photomatix
  2. Save as 16bit TIFF
  3. Open TIFF image in Photoshop CS2
  4. Apply RAW Presharpening @ 50% (using Nik Sharpener 2.0)
  5. Apply Velvia settings through Alien Skin Exposure (@ about 70% opacity)
  6. Apply local contrast Enhancement through Unsharp Mask (50%, 1pixel, 0 threshold)
  7. Brighten cliff shadows a bit with some selective curves
  8. Apply vignette using levels and masks
  9. Duplicate to new image and flatten
  10. Re-size to about 1200pixels wide for Flickr
  11. Prepare for web (convert to sRGB profile, 8 bit image)
  12. Apply output sharpening via Nik Sharpener (Display sharpening @ 27%)
  13. Save as JPEG

Got a couple of other similar looking images. Here’s one more.

Long Reef Dawn 3

Lets hope that tomorrow the sky is a bit more interesting. I think I might venture down to Narrabeen Lake tomorrow and try my luck with some lake shots.



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