Another "Before Work" Adventure

28 05 2007

Today I was due to fly out to Brisbane on the 8AM flight. I figured I might have time to sneak in a quick sunrise shoot somewhere near the airport. After last weeks success with the Homebush Shipwreck photos, I figured it was worth it, and it certainly puts me in a great mood for the day.

So I went out to La Perouse and started shooting some shots of the pier out to Bare Island.

La Perouse

When I came to shoot this shot

La Perouse wharf 2

I set my tripod up down near the water, and I was standing about 6 inches above water height and framing up my picture. I wasn’t too concerned as I was in Botany Bay and not out on an ocean facing headland. The next thing I feel is water washing over my feet at about ankle level. I grabbed my camera and bolted for higher ground.

I couldn’t believe it!!! Two outings in a row! I got some strange looks at Sydney airport as I squelched my way up the Jetway to get onto the plane. Luckily my socks pretty much dried out before I got the client meeting in Brisbane @ 11AM.

Note to self: Buy gum boots and keep in car for these occasions.



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