Port Botany

4 06 2007

I have been thinking about photographing Port Botany for a while now. In fact I had a go a couple of months back, but didn’t research the location very well and suffered from a corrupt CF card, so ended up getting no usable pictures from that shoot.

This time things were a bit different, I conducted a recce of the location on my way back from the airport last Monday. Found a perfect location that had some great old piers that would work well as foreground.

On Sunday I morning I went out, didn’t run around snapping away like a headless chook, instead I already decided on two different compositions and just set up to capture them when the lighting was right. Here’s the results of the shoot.

Port Botany Sunrise 2

I like this one because it is quite dramatic. It was still dark when I snapped this and the light mist in the air higlighted the alien-like lights of the port.

The second one below was shot about 30 minutes later when there was more ambient light around. I used 7 frames @ f4 with exposures ranging from 0.5 of a second to 28 seconds. The lens was the Tokina 12-24mm @ 18mm.

Botany Bay Sunrise 1



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