The trip is nearly over!!!

30 06 2007

Well this is my last night in the USA on my photographic trip with Dad.

We just finished up a trip to Monument Valley and Canyon De Chally. To be honest I was a bit dissapointed with both of these locations compared to the wonderful places we went before.

Totem Pole from the Sand Dunes

Part of my dissapointment lies in the Navajo guides that we were reliant upon to take us to places in both parks. In Monument Valley they were charging us a fortune for a private photographic tour. Before booking we absolutely confirmed that our guide was experienced at taking landscape photographers around Monument Valley and new how to chase the light etc.

Well, our guide was supposed to be Carol…. she didn’t turn up, so we got Larry.

We gave Larry the third degree and he assured us that he was a photographic expert…. then all of a sudden he was busy, so we got Patsy…. I was skeptical but Patsy assured us (as did her boss) that she was skilled at guiding serious photographers.

Guess what!!! They lied to us! I don’t think Patsy knew that the sun set in the West much less the ideal locations for various shots. I was so dissapointed. My advice to any other photographers looking to shoot in Monument Valley or Canyon De Chally (where you need guides to take you through)….. Do your own research, and assume that your guides are just drivers.

Tomorrow morning I am going back to upper Antelope Canyon for one more quick shoot before racing for the airport. I feel I have not done this spectacular location justice.



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