Life after Southwest USA

3 09 2007

After returning from the USA, I didn’t pick up my camera for over a month. This was for a couple of reasons.
1) I had 2 intense weeks of incredible shooting in some of the best landscape locations in the world.
2) I wanted to spend time with my family after being away for a couple of weeks
3) I had a lot of images to process
4) I thought that I would be stuck for subjects in Sydney

Well, I’m back into it again, and the last couple of weeks I have taken some photos that I have been really happy with.

Check out these three photos from my shoot at Mona Vale pool last week.

Still Pool in the Storm

This one is a simple composition, but I decided to really try for a more stylistic look through my photoshop processing.

This second one used some pretty aggressive HDR processing, but I really wanted a creative and stylistic (almost surreal) look to this photo.

Red Light and Streaming Water

This last one is an interesting one… I almost didn’t bother to process it at all, but it has gotten some very interesting feedback and comments on Flickr and has probably turned into one of my most popular photos.

Seaweed Path to Pool

I’m loving the crazy perspective of my 12mm lens. I love getting right in amongst the scene and creating crazy conversion lines with the ultra-wide lens. Nice and dramatic.



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