4 09 2007

Last weekend I had a wonderful shoot down at Turrimetta. What a gorgeous place. It’s funny to think that I grew up in Sydney on the North Shore but never visited this jewel.

Dad and I went out to Long Reef on Saturday for a dawn shoot, but in true Long Reef style, the sky was very boring. On the way back we stopped at Turimetta to check it out. It was gorgeous and I just had to go back the next day.

Got there really early and shot this photo

Green Weed Cove

This was actually shot about 30 min before sunrise, it was pretty dark and I was wrestling with the correct exposure. This one was about a 2min exposure and I then blended in another exposure of the sky @ -2ev. Didn’t use HDR on this photo as besides the sky, the rest of the image had a moderate dynamic range and I didn’t want to compress it.

With some of the other shots from Turimetta I have been modifying my processing technique a bit. I usually start with an HDR composite that gives me my base image, and then I start overlaying individual exposures over the top to try to re-capture more of the original tonal ranges…

Turimetta Mirror Pool 1

In the above image I used an HDR base layer, then I replaced the sky with an exposure captured at -1ev and the I replaced some detail in the foreground rock and some of the rock shelf from an exposure taken at +2ev.

Here’s a couple more shots from the same morning.

Turimetta Mirror Pool 2

The Fisherman

I might head back out to Turimetta this weekend to check it out at high tide.

Oh…. and the funny thing is that Dad was supposed to join me on Sunday for this shoot but he decided to sleep in instead. It seems that I get my best sunrise shots when he sleeps in….



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7 09 2007

Super! Thank you. I just discovered your blog today and I added your feed in netvibes 😉

You are a very good photographer! I started photography about 3 months ago and I directly saw your talent via flickr.

David (hdrman on flickr)

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