Right Place… Right Time.

13 10 2007

Had some interesting photographic outings recently. Went away with the family to Surfers Paradise so the kids could do the theme park thing. I have forgotten how much I hate Surfers Paradise!!!

Decided to do a few sunrises to keep my sanity and get out of the built up area. While doing some research on Flickr I came across some great photos by a guy called Garry. He had some great photos from around QLD, so I dropped him a note to see if he had any recommendations.

Well as fate would have it, he was heading out that weekend to a location not far from where I was staying, so I joined him and his buddy. We went to Fingal Head which was fantastic. I got a couple of good shots.

Garry at Sunrise

My Shift Is Nearly Over...

Enjoyed meeting Garry and his buddy Rafski. Really shows to me the power of the Flickr community in enhancing your photographic outings. I would never have found this headland without Garry.

The second interesting outing was last Friday…. I just returned from vacation and Oat (aka Hangingpixels) invited me along for a shoot on Friday morning with Tom Hide. I decided to go along as I had been getting up early for sunrise shooting anyway. I checked the weather and the forecast was for a thunderstorm on Friday AM, so I thought that sounded promising.

I got there at 4:15am and it was still dark, but I could see a big cloud mass coming in from the ocean rapidly. I thought I was going to get dumped on big time. After taking a few shots, I thought that the day was going to be a waste because the clouds came in as one big overcast mass which made shooting pretty boring.

I actually packed up my gear and started walking back to the car when I ran into Tom arriving late. So I thought I better be social and I turned around and did some more shooting. Almost immediately the skies started changing and clearing and I witnessed one of the most dramatic sunrise skies I have ever seen. Here’s a couple of shots from the morning…. I have not enhanced the sky much at all, but check it out.

Tom Does Sunrise... While Oat Sleeps In
This is Tom shooting at Turimetta beach with the dramatic sky.

Here’s a shot that Tom took of me a moment later (note the different approach to processing)

Unfortunately Oat must have slept in…. Really goes to show that you have to be out there shooting and sooner or later you get the great light and the great skies. You won’t get any great shots being in bed.

On a different note, have decided to spring for a macro lens. I’ve got some ideas on a new style of macro photography that I want to experiment with.

Watch this space.




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