Very Cool Sun & Moon calculator

13 02 2008

Now that I’m a night photography “Newbie” I have to assemble some new tools to properly research when and where I am going to shoot. A new dimension that doesn’t exist in day photography is the moon.

  • What time does it rise?
  • Which direction will it be in?
  • What altitude will it be?
  • What phase will it be (crescent, half, full etc.)

I’m sure that the moon will dramatically impact the quality of my night shots. I have come across a pretty cool calculator for both sun and moon. Check out Jeff Conrad’s Sun and Moon calculator.

Now Jeff is obviously a minimilast judging by the user interface in his web page, but his calculator rocks!!! It’s not the most inuitive interface, but read the tutorial and you’ll quickly get the hang of it.

My favorite feature…. I love the way I can dial in a set of conditions and it will show me the dates and times that these conditions exist. For example I can say to the calculator “Show me all dates and times in the next 3 months where a crescent moon will be between 30 degrees and 40 degrees high in the East 1 hour after sunset.” Like magic, if those conditions are possible, the dates and times will be listed.

In my book… thats a very handy and very cool calculator. Thanks Jeff Conrad.




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