A Night Photography Excursion

19 04 2008

Last night my old man, Kajo and I went out for an evening of night photography. This was pretty bullish as it had been raining on and off all day and the forecast was pretty lousy for the evening… but then it beats TV!

We decided to head out and shoot an old abandoned plane that another Flickr member Rob Des had done a nice job of shooting.

The first little problem came when we got out of the car… the ground wasn’t just wet, but it was literally a marsh… within 3 steps my shoes were totally sodden.

When we arrived the sky started clearing nicely and we thought we were going to have a great night’s shooting. We started shooting this old DC3 and I grabbed this shot before the clouds closed in on us again.

Night Flight

Shortly after this, we had to take shelter from the rain. Luckily the airplane wing provided plenty of cover from the elements…. We killed a bit of time by playing around with some light painting in the interior of the plane.

Once it stopped raining, we went outside and continued shooting, but without any breaks in the cloud, the night shots just looked like day shots. We decided to do some more experimentation with light painting and strobes and while we were learning a lot more about how strong to make our torch light, without scattered clouds in the background the shots just didn’t have the punch that we were looking at from night photography. We waited about another 30 minutes discussing everything from the merits of various noise reduction plug-ins to lens recommendations… however finally we called it a night and headed home.

Even though we only got about 20 mins of shooting in ideal conditions, the outing was a lot of fun and pretty educational.



4 responses

24 04 2008
Matt Lauder Gallery

Very nice pic there Brent. Is that top plane shot done in Photomatix ? single exposure.

24 04 2008
Brent Pearson

Hi Matt

Thanks for your comment. The plane shot is a single exposure and it was not processed through Photomatix… It was processed through a pretty conventional Photoshop workflow.

* Noise reduction
* Pre-sharpen
* Curves for colour correction
* Bit of vignetting
* Output sharpening

Thats about it.


26 04 2008
Thomas Folke Andersen

Hi Brent, the plane shot is wonderful!

6 05 2008
Christian Fletcher

Brent, just discovered your photography, breathtaking stuff, will follow with interest, cheers

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