Shutter Blending “Splash”

14 07 2008

I thought I would share another example of shutter blending. This photo is called “Splash”


When I saw this rock formation in the water, I totally pre-visualised this image…. I immediately saw three quite separate parts of the image in my mind.

1) A razor sharp foreground clearly showing the detail in the beautiful sand with the water providing lead-in lines to the rock.

2) Long exposure water to remove the distractions from the sea and focus instead on the colour and movement and allow you to concentrate on the gorgeous rocks

3) I was intrigued by the way the ocean was splashing up against the rock in the background, so I wanted to “freeze” a splash in mid air as a contrast to the long expsosed sea.

Executing this was pretty simple, 1/125 sec exposures for top and bottom images, then screw on the 10 stop ND filter for the middle exposure (about 20 sec from memory).

Blending was also pretty simple in Photoshop, couple of minutes with the Wacom tablet and I had some pretty seamless masks.

I’m enjoying the abstract possibilities of Shutter Blending. I’d love to see some examples of others experimenting with this approach




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19 07 2008

I’m keen to give this a go “in camera” so to speak, with multiple exposures. I’m no good at photoshop 😀

I’m just waiting for the right opportunity, but I’ll definitely let you know when I try it out.

21 07 2008

This is awesome! I don’t think I’ve seen anyone doing this, but I will definitely have to give it a go.

22 07 2008

Nice work mate really like this
Will have to get a wacom tablet soon to help with editing

30 07 2008

Great capture and very intelligent thinking Brent.
I would love to feature this image with a like to your blog or site on my favorite images page on my blog Brent if thats ok with you. I will not post anything till I hear either way from you. I just think more people should see this image its stunning.

30 07 2008

Thx Brent I have you listed on my Personnel Favorites Page

3 08 2008
Dylan Fox

Thats a awesome photo!
It’s a great technique that I will be trying some day!
So it’s not panning at all is it? the camera stays still? is that right

Great work!

4 08 2008
Brent Pearson

Hey Dylan

Thats correct. Camera is locked on tripod and all you adjust is shutter speed and play with ND filters and aperture.

No panning


22 08 2008

Excellent image and great conceptualizing. Certainly an intriguing concept with many possibilities…
looking forward to more of your work with this..

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