Is there such a thing as a Photogasm?

17 08 2008

A few days ago I picked up my new camera and lenses… I have made the plunge from a DX sensor to a full frame FX sensor. This meant it was time to say goodbye to my trusty D200 and Old Faithful Tokina lens. They have done me well and I have enjoyed shooting with both of them.

Goodbye D200, Hello D700

However, it seriously can’t compare to my new kit. The D700 and two new “Pro” lenses – 24-70 f2.8 and 17-35 f2.8. If there is such a thing as as a Photogasm… I reckon I experienced it when I started shooting with this gorgeous combination.

The camera itself is a dream, from the bright large viewfinder, to the fantastic liveview screen (with electronic horizon and everything)…. It’s just fantastic. And the clarity of the lenses is just breathtaking.

I absolutely love this new camera…. let the fun begin.


Another Open Source Photo Guide

11 08 2008

I had some very positive feedback on the Open Source Guide concept… I’ve just created another one for Forresters beach which is by far the most comprehensive one yet.

Check out The Photographer’s guide to Forresters Beach

Let me know what you think.