Getting some Traction With Freephotoguides

5 11 2008

Well in between family, work, taking photos, processing photos, building light painting rigs, in my spare time I am pretty passionate about the Free photoguides project.

The project is beginning to gain momentum. We now have 16 stunning guides written for NSW alone, and quite a few more being written for other states in Australia.

On top of that UK is is publishing some stunning guides and we are just launching the Swedish site.

I’m pretty proud of the project because if it is successful it will be a great asset to photographers all over the world… The one thing I am not overly impressed with is how much work it is taking to get people to contribute. I have spoken at a number of camera clubs but don’t seem to get too many volunteers.. but then there are some weird dynamics about the camera clubs that I don’t think are overly healthy.

So if you stumble across my blog and find that a any of the tips, tricks, photoshop techniques are useful for you. The one way you can say thank you to me for my time and effort is to volunteer to write a photo guide for one of your local areas….. 30 min of your time max… and it’s a lot of fun.

To find out more about this project go to

Contributing is easy… come on and support this project.




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8 11 2008


Thanks for your valuable contribution, and I appreciate the fact you are doing this for the joy and love of photography, its the driving force that is inside of me, I will see how this work and contribute to help out.


9 11 2008
Brent Pearson

Thanks Rashed

I would love to have your contribution. It’s easy and it’s fun.

If you have any problems please give me a holler.


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