A wonderful evening of photography – Forresters & Central Coast

12 04 2009

Well last Friday was the full moon and I was keen to get out. I went up to Central Coast with Kajo and we had a fantastic evening shooting 3 Central coast locations in ideal conditions.

Check out this video which will give you a taste of our evening (you can see of our light painting at the end.)

I thought I’d talk about one of my light painting shots and explain how it was captured.

Light Painting Some Unusual Rocks

This shot is called “Light Painting Some Unusual Rocks”… (pretty creative title eh?)

From a light painting perspective this is a pretty straight forward affair. First frame I laid down my “stage” or base shot. I used a 4 min exposure to capture the clouds wooshing past.

Second shot was a 30 second exposure where I was painting with my fluoro light.

In photoshop I combined the two images into the final.

If you want more information on how I did this, then I suggest you check out my eBook.

More later




9 responses

12 04 2009

Haha that is a funny video. Good job on editing it. Now I know what you mean with “house chores” 🙂

I had heaps of fun, thanks again for showing me this piece of paradise!

12 04 2009
Alex W

Great clip and shots guys!

13 04 2009

Thanks for sharing this.

It sounds and looks like it was a very productive and enjoyable shoot.

I wish I was there!

Even better, it looks like the tide and sky were both on your side that night.

As for why Kajo was wading in the water, “because he can”.

13 04 2009
Scott Maxworthy

Great stuff, thanks for the video, understand how time consuming all that can be.

21 04 2009
Susan Buchanan

Really enjoyed this Brent – well done!

22 04 2009
Dylan Fox

Very inspirational!
I have read a few pages of the book and am thoroughly enjoying it!
Would love to go on a shoot like that with your good self! 😉

22 04 2009
Chris Moncus

Great stuff man. Gonna watch that a few more times.

Also, your link to your ebook is busted. You forgot “guide” in the url.

27 04 2009

Hey Dylan

I saw your comment on my blog. Not sure where you are based, but if you are in or around Sydney, drop me a note to brentbat@gmail.com and we’ll arrange a time to go for a shoot. I enjoy shooting with other photographers.


27 04 2009

Hey Chris
Thanks for your comment.

Hopefully the links are all working well now.


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