Photoshop Video Tutorial – Intensifying Water

16 04 2009

Now that I am using this new blogging platform, it is a lot easier for me to integrate richer media into my blogs.  While I have posted step-by-step photoshop tutorials in the past,  now it is easier than ever for me to produce and post them.  So to kick things off, I thought I’d start with a tutorial that I wrote about a while back on intensifying water.  However I think it really comes to life when you watch it in video.   Enjoy.




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16 04 2009

ahh thats better, easy peasy, no signing in. You will do well with this mate. Thanks for the tutorial, will have a look at it soon.

17 04 2009
Stephen Trainor

Great tutorial – I love Silver Efex too, but have never thought to use it in this way.

17 04 2009

Hey Stephen

Yeah, Silver Effex really rocks… Especially the control points. It really puts the art back into B&W conversion.

It is interesting trying different Silver Effex conversions and then seeing what this does in photoshop if you change the blend modes… try infrared!


19 04 2009

nice switch on the blogs Brent , lot easy to leave comments now
nice tuturioals as well mate

19 04 2009

Thanks Kirk

Yeah, Ihave Christian to thank for that. I do like WordPress way better than Blogger.


20 04 2009

This is great. Thanks so much for posting Brent.

21 04 2009
Beau Mitchell

Neat tutorial, Brent. I can see this coming in handy for me in the future. Cheers.

26 04 2009

Thanks for posting this Photoshop tutorial.

I’m hoping to see more PS tutorials from you, covering the techniques you use to produce your excellent results, as I’ve wondered about your workflow.


14 09 2010
Victor Hoffmann

Thank you for this awesome tutorial!

Sorry for taking up a old post, but i just found out that the Silver Efex Pro does not work on CS5 64bit (yet).
Do you have any other suggestions for a B&W plugin?

Thank you!

-Victor Hoffmann

21 09 2011
Landschaftsfotografie - gute Tutorials zur Bildbearbeitung (Teil 1) - Design by FM

[…] Bildbearbeitung eines s/w-Porträts mit schönen Detailkontrast Intensifying Water – auch als Video – mit zwei einfachen Schritten, Wasser […]

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