The Best Photography Book I’ve Ever Read

19 04 2009

joesbookI recently was loaned a copy of Joe McNally’s first book “The Moment It Clicks”.  I’m sure many of you have already read this book, however for those of you that have not read it, I highly recommend it.  It is without a doubt the most enjoyable and inspiring photographic books I have read.   I loved the way you can pick it up, just read a few pages and totally enjoy each page for the story that was conveyed on it.

I am now making my way through Joe’s second book “The hot shoe diaries” which is all about off camera flash lighting.  It is written in the same style as The Moment It Clicks, however it is getting more technical and educational.  I am still loving his new book, but I wouldn’t recommend it unless the reader really wanted to start experimenting with strobist lighting… then it’s a must.

Here’s a link to Scott Kelby’s interview with Joe McNally about his book.

Highly recommended.




2 responses

21 04 2009

Hi Brent

I have been looking at getting this book for the last couple of months. Your recommendation might just be the final push I needed. Love the new layout and the video’s by the way.


22 04 2009

Hi Brent,

How can I contact you? I don’t see an email address anywhere. I would like to invite you for something interesting. A project that I’m pretty sure that you’ll love and that involves your ebook in Light Painting 🙂


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