Took Part In a Cool Workshop This Weekend…

27 04 2009

Oat in Action

On Saturday I spent the day with Oat and Nelson on their Off-Camera-Flash workshop.  Now this was definitely something different for me… a devout landscaper.  However it’s been something that I’ve been watching with interest for a while… in fact ever since Oat (aka HangingPixels) went to the “dark side” and crossed from being a landscaper into a photographer that photographs chicks in their underwear.

When I turned up clutching my tripod like a security blanket, it wasn’t long before these staunch Canon shooters started paying out on the “Nikon Guy”.  However this didn’t phase me…  those Canon guys can jibe me all they want….  water off a duck’s back!


Nelson strutting his stuff

Anyway, what can I say about the workshop… it was fantastic.  Nelson (aka NellyPro) and Oat really know their stuff, and after browsing their portfolio’s, their experience in off-camera-flash was very apparent.  I totally enjoyed the day.  Not only did they de-mystify off-camera-flash, but the location shoots were a blast and made me really want to start experimenting a bit more with this type of shooting.

The ballet dancer (Emma) that I photographed a few weeks back has agreed to come out on location and do some modelling with me, so I have some pretty clear ideas of how I would like to incorporate off-camera-flash into my landscape and night photography work.  Watch this space.

In the meantime,  for any of you Aussie photographers, if you are at all considering a workshop to improve your skills,  then I would highly recommend this workshop. If you want to reach these guys you can email Oat or email Nelson.

Check out this video that I made of the day.  This should give you a feel for the fun we had on Saturday.



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27 04 2009

Yes, i am doing Salsa in that photo of my 😛
Thank you very much Brent for the write up and video, i certainly hope that you got a lot out of the workshop as it was a blast for me also.

Hey, I dont’ knock nikon one bit, both make good cameras 😛

Thanks again,

27 04 2009

Hi Brent,

I totally enjoyed your video. Great write-up!


27 04 2009

awesome work, great to see that I’m in it a lot: I showed it to my wife!!!


28 04 2009


Another fantastic video, great round up of the day. It was a really fun day and I certainly learned a huge amount about off camera lighting. Of course it’s also added to my ever growing wish list of gear but I realise there is a lot I can do with the bits and pieces I already own. Oat and Nelson were great presenters and a lot of fun to work with, thanks guys.


28 04 2009

looks like a great workshop, i think the whole Nikon vs Canon debate is stupid, i myself have a Pentax k100d and it dose the job just fine.

29 04 2009

Nikon and Canon both have good and bad points…so yeah it could go either way.

30 04 2009

Love this video!

It was lovely to meet you 🙂


9 05 2009
Nelson Lai

Hey Brent,

Wow, excellent video!!! You’ve captured the day perfectly, thank you so much!

lol about the comments about Nikon, Oat and I both said if we had to start again we will go the Nikon path, my paying out on Nikon was simply my ignorance of Nikon functions. Prehaps I might take a lesson on Nikon gear from you! 🙂

Great you had a good time, I really enjoyed the day even though I only had an hour sleep. 🙂 Look forward to seeing your new work! 🙂


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