Announcing a 1 Day Intensive Seascape Workshop

29 04 2009

workshop-banner12Hey folks

Lately I’ve had a number of people enquire about whether they can get some formal training on the way I capture and process my seascape images.  I’ve done a couple of one-on-one lessons which went down well, so now I am planning an intensive 1 day workshop that will cover all aspects of seascape photography from equipment, planning, the capture, and post processing of your images.  I will be sharing all my tips, tricks and secrets that I have accumulated over the past 5 years of shooting seascapes.

I’m going to limit the number of spaces to keep this group small.  So if you want more information or would like to view the workshop agenda, please go to this page.





4 responses

30 04 2009
Sean Stak

hey man cool blog. some great tips to pick up from the vids. ill keep updated for any new tutorials or shots ya put up.

2 05 2009

Noice….hehehe. SO shall i just give you back the $369 then? hehehe

2 05 2009
Brent Pearson

Yeah Oat… I got the inspiration (and pricing) from your excellent workshop.


9 05 2009
Rod Thomas

Can you keep us updated if your doing another workshop.. I only get back from Karijini the before and cant make this one but would love to attend at another time….

Loved the video by the way…. Your braver than me thats for sure ! ! !


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