Canyon X.. A New discovery… a first ascent… a virgin site!

17 05 2009

For rock/mountain climbers there is something special about being the first person to ascend a new climb,   well I love it when I discover somewhere that is new or relatively undiscovered.  In every case I am not discovering somewhere new, but in my book if I haven’t seen any photos of this location or feature, then for me this is like a “first ascent”.

Devils Cauldron was a bit like that for me… I hadn’t seen any photos of this gorgeous rock formation.

Today I found a new one…. and from what I have seen today, it looks FRIGGING INCREDIBLE!!!!!  I’m very excited about this new location…. so excited that I have planned to shoot it tomorrow morning to see if it really will deliver what I think it can deliver in terms of seascape opportunities.   It looks to me like a AAA+++ site…. and I haven’t seen any photos of this place.

I’m calling it “Canyon X” for now because I want to keep the location secret for a few weeks until I get a chance to photograph the heck out of the place, then I’ll write a guide about it and publish it on freephotoguides.  Now this place is not for everyone…. lets just say the path to get there is somewhat “exciting” and not for the faint hearted.  I’m going to shoot a video of it tomorrow as a couple of us go and explore it for sunrise.

Oh by the way, the reason I have nick-named it Canyon X is because it reminded me of a canyon near Antelope Canyon in Page AZ that the photographic tour guide companies promote as a somewhat “secretive” canyon that offers great photo opportunities without the crowds….. I thought that would be a good name for this location… create a bit of intrigue.

Christian Fletcher is coming over shortly to do some East Coast shooting,  if he’s lucky (and up for the challenge), I’ll take him to Canyon X.

Stay tuned for more on this INCREDIBLE location!!!!




8 responses

17 05 2009

Hope it’s close to a car park mate!! I don’t like walking too far! :-0)

17 05 2009
Brent Pearson


The walking is the least of your worries….. how are you with heights and ropes?

Thats all I’m going to say right now.

I’ll tell you more after tomorrow morning.


18 05 2009

I just got back from this morning’s expedition. I’ll write more tonight but all I can say at the moment is “OH MY GOD”!!!

Canyon X is probably the most photogenic and gun place to shoot on the East Coast. Certainly up there in the top 3.

More later. Took some great video.


18 05 2009

Oh thats just teasing! Is it northside or southside!

Look forward to seeing the shots

18 05 2009

I’m with Tim… your just teasing!!! Looking forward to seeing the shots!

19 05 2009
Kirk Hille

sounds interesting Brent ,
Last time i was over shooting the Sydney beachs rolled my ankle pretty bad so this location sound even more dangours

19 05 2009

don’t like heights or ropes!! can we just take a boat or better still a helicopter??? Your shout on that one!! hehe.

19 05 2009
Brent Pearson

Oh My God
You West Coasters are sounding like a bunch of big pussys!!

Kirk, actually I think there is less chance of rolling ankles at this location, the rocks are incredibly flat around where you shoot (unlike some locations where you are bouncing over rounded rocks). So it’s unlikely you will roll you ankle…. now you might fall to your death, but thats another problem.

“boats or helicopters”? I don’t think so…. the decent gets the adrenaline flowing.


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