Canyon X update

19 05 2009

Well I was out shooting Canyon X yesterday morning and again this morning.  In both cases the sunrises were crap, but I reckon I’ve still got some cracking photos (haven’t had chance to process them yet).

This place is a lot of fun to shoot.  An awesome blowhole,  fantastic rock shelves, gorgeous rocks,  amazing cliffs!

Not only that, but there are a whole bunch of other areas nearby that I scouted yesterday.  Weather forecast for the remainder of this week looks dubious, but I’m definitely going to shoot there as much as I can over the next week to create a nice body of work.   I will probably aim to publish the first photos of Canyon X on Sunday night along with a video that I made with Kajo and Gavin on our first journey down there…. it’s pretty cool.

Next week I will write a detailed photo guide on Canyon X so that other photographers can enjoy it as well…. I just want to enjoy the peace and solitude for a while longer….   Oh… and by the way.  This is not a location for everyone…. the ascent down the cliff in the dark is quite “exciting” to say the least.  Not overly dangerous, but certainly exciting!  Sorry to those of you that feel like I’m teasing you… I don’t mean to… I want to just share the excitement and give you all something to look forward to.

Stay tuned for more on Canyon X this weekend.




One response

21 05 2009

Looking forward to seeing the shots Brent! You’re off scouting new locations and I’m still stuck shooting the good oldies like Turi!!!

The weather isn’t looking flash for the weekend, but I think its still worth a crack!

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