Canyon X – First Photos

24 05 2009

Hey folks

I hope you have been enjoying the Canyon X series on my blog.  Here are some of my first images.  They will give you just a taste of the photographic opportunities.  There are plenty of photographic opportunities as you walk up and down the coast.  Click on the images to see larger versions.

The Blow Hole

This shot was taken directly above the blowhole looking South East.  You can see the gorgeous rock lines and colours easily in this image.  The blowhole has this very cool sunken pit that sucks right out and then blows back full of water.  When the surf is reasonable, this place is very safe to shoot from, you can see plenty of raised rocks and ledges well out of the water.

The Canyon X Rock Shelf

This shot was taken more from the South and lookign due North.  You can see the shelf clearly in this shot and the cliff face on the left.

Canyon X Cliffs

Great view of the gorgeous cliffs and rock shelf.  If you look closly at the cliff on the right hand side, you will see one of the two ropes that you decend.  The second rope is just around the corner out of sight and is used to ascend/descend that very flat bit of cliff above the rope that you see there.

You can clearly see the blowhole back through the cliff in this shot.




12 responses

24 05 2009
Christopher Chan

What an amazing location Brent !

24 05 2009

love the spot, last pic my fav. Sky on the top image takes away a bit, that is a pretty dodgy sky mate!! hehe I love the photographer in the shot for scale. Some classic BP water movement. Get rid of that sky…….ahhh. Look like HDR, any of that in there or just the normal image blending?

24 05 2009
Brent Pearson

Hey Christian

Thanks for the comment… I agree with you about the sky… it was crap on each of the days.

No HDR use, just some exposure blending.

I’m not happy with sky in any of the images…. will keep shooting until I get a nice one.

Hows your weather up north anyway?


24 05 2009

Beautiful spot Brent and great captures, it looks absolutely surreal. Not sure if I am too keen on tackling the ropes on the decent but a great spot none the less.

25 05 2009
Beau Mitchell

I also like the last one with the figure in shot for scale, Brent, but the first one is my choice out of the 3.

25 05 2009
Ilya Genkin

Wow! Awesome place. The first photo is the winner! Definitely. Absolutely unusual view.

26 05 2009
Matt Lauder

Nice stuff Brent… you sure do find unique places to shoot. Love the top shot… very nice indeed.

26 05 2009

weather has been better, no real sunrise to speak of, went the Fingal Head. I don’t think I will beat your pics of the place. Swell was so big everything was just white! Then went to Lamington NP for some waterfall stuff. Amazing place.

28 05 2009

Great captures Brent, I certainly wouldn’t want to be down there in big swell. That top shot gives the place a really nice perspective.

30 05 2009
Keith Pearson

Hi Mates,

Absolutely fabulous. I will definitely have to get a new set of knees.

31 05 2009
Graham Leggate

Excellent set of images. Love the colour of the rocks and water.

7 06 2009
Dylan Fox

Fantastic shots mate!
First and third are rippers!

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