Christian Fletcher’s Rock Star East Coast Tour

26 06 2009

Well this week saw the Christian Fletcher roadshow pull into Sydney.  I was under strict instructions from Mr. Eastway to take Christian out on some pretty wild and dodgy seascape shoots.    I made this short video which shows some of the locations I took him to.   However it became apparent that our photographers from the West aren’t quite used to the waves and rocks we have on the East Coast.    Enjoy




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27 06 2009
Rod Thomas

He really is a rock satr… I had the pleasure of meeting him yesterday at PMA and he really seems like a down to earth kind of guy… Looking forward to seeing some of these spots on the next course mate…..

Enjoy USA

27 06 2009

well done Brent, and in your condition it is a bloody miracle. Hope you are good to go sunday morning mate. Cheers for a fun time, will do it again I’m sure.

27 06 2009

Hi Brent, nice video.
Bugger, looks like I left for Europe just a few days too early. Would have been fun to shoot with you can Christian together.
Greetings from the other side (blog will be updated soon).

27 06 2009
William Ophuis

nice video, looks prety hardcore compared to what we have over here haha

28 06 2009

Hey Brent hope you are feeling better. I have only met Christian once but he seemed a pretty tough dude – softest part of him was his teeth. I reckon he was tied up with some secret rock star business on the day and sent his stunt double instead – I think the guy in the video is actually his brother Michael. Look forward to some new images from your trip.

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