Off On My Utah Trip..

29 06 2009

This morning I get the IV tubes out of my arm (thank goodness) and then straight to the airport for the USA.  I’ve got a conference for the first couple of days, then the photographic part of the trip begins.  The focus of this trip is to shoot the incredible landscapes of Utah at night.  I’m going to be using Moab as my base and while I’m there I’ll be catching up with Chris Conrad (who’s large format B&W night work I love) as well as Chad from The Night Writerz blog / podcast (if you love night work, then subscribe to this one).  With a bit of luck I might even catch up with Stu Jenks who does some kick-ass night work (depends if he can get a couple of days off to join us).  Here’s where I am going…

My key areas of focus for my 2009 SouthWest trip

My key areas of focus for my 2009 SouthWest trip

From Moab I’ll focus on Arches and Dead Horse State Park, then I’ll head down to Island-in-the-sky in Canyonlands for some dawn/dusk panos.  Then I’m going to treck up to a little known place called Fantasy Canyon near Vernal Utah.  It has the most bizzare rock formations I have ever seen.  I really want to try to do some B&W fine art light paintings as part of my trip and Fantasy Canyon may be perfect for that.

Then I’ll head down to Goblin Sate park which also has some pretty bizarre rock formations that should be good to light paint.

If I get time I’ll also drive down to Devils Garden near Escalante which has got some great rock structures for night work.

While I am away I am planning to make some videos that are aimed at photographers wishing to travel to these areas…. kind of behind-the-scenes stuff that will appeal to any photographer who would like to shoot Utah.  I’m not getting across to Bryce and Zion as I have done Bryce before and I’d rather spend my 9 days in an area of the SouthWest that I haven’t been to.  From a landscape perspective  Arches & Canyonlands is more what I am after as opposed to Zion.

Wow.. so many gorgeous places to photograph over there and I’m not even going to cross down into Arizona.

I’m taking my camera gear, a few clothes, my swag, camp burner , satellite phone and epirb (the sat phone and emergency beacon is to keep my wife happy… because I’m going to be in some pretty remote areas on my own photographing, this way I have a couple of different ways of getting help if I get bitten by a snake or have some other accident.  I always keep remembering that story about the guy who had to amputate his own arm when it became trapped in a rock…. not for me… no sir!)   I’m going to have a 4WD while I am there, so I hope to really get off the beaten track into some of the lovely 4WD tracks in these wonderful parks.

Leaving now for the airport… stay tuned.




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1 07 2009

Sounds awesome Brent … Looking forward to seeing all your shots. So much to shot in that area it is insane, so looking forward to the chance to get over there myself very soon …
Travel safe.

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