I Love My New Ball Head!!!!

1 07 2009

When I arrived in New Orleans my package from Really Right Stuff was waiting for me.  A new ballhead and L-plate for my camera.  Why did I upgrade my ballhead?   I was shooting with the Manfrotto lever ball head which I absolutely loved, however it was terrible for shooting panoramas.    Fantastic for single shots.

Picture 1Because of this trip to the SouthWest,  I decided that I want to shoot more panos while I am here, so I made the leap and bought one of their beautifully machined ball heads.  Why did I chose this head and L-plate?

  • I love the quality of their products… these guys only make camera support systems, but they are absolutely surperbly manfucatured and designed.
  • I have the flexibility of a ball head (with variable control drag and instant lock), but I also have a panning base that allows me to rotate the camera horizontally
  • Their L-plates are gorgeously machined and you hardly know you have mounted one onto the camera (unlike some of the big chunky ones you see around the place)
  • I love the arca-swiss mounting rails and locks… they are a joy to use.

When I went through the package, I noticed that the Really Right Stuff folks had included a think 77 page product catalog.  So I said to myself “Oh thats interesting… I thought these guys just made camera support systems (ballheads, release plates, L plates etc.)…. I wonder what else they sell?”   As I started looking through their catalog I realised that they don’t sell anything else…. this is a 77 page catalog just on camera support gear.   These guys are clearly passionate about their products and it shows.   Their stuff aint cheap, but I expect to be delighted by my new ball head as I give it a workout in Utah.

Picture 2I’m about to hop on the plane at Denver… weather forecast looks too good to be true… a week of possible thunderstorms!!!  That means dramatic clouds etc.   I was dreading the the thought of shooting clear blue sky for 9 days….  but by the looks of the long range forecast I don’t have to worrry about that.



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2 07 2009
Lee Duguid

Nice! I’ve been using RRS pano head and L plate for a while now, it really makes those pano stitch seamlessly…plus with the L plate the centre of gravity remains central to the tripod, great for keeping the images sharp.

2 07 2009
William Ophuis

yeah they are awesome bits of gear, i have a bh-55 with the round knob once you lock them in they dont move! and you can be confident your camera wont fall off, nice buy!

2 07 2009

Hey Brent, sounds like you are in for a great time, look forward to seeing the results. That ball head sounds awesome, I’ve read about them. Have fun.

2 07 2009

good luck mate, hope to see some pretty kick arse results soon.

Cheers CF

6 07 2009
Flemming Bo Jensen

Looks brilliant, this is exactly what I have been wanting as well, RRS ballhead with L bracket. So yours is the BH-40 LR ?

7 07 2009

Yes, I got the BH-40 (because I never use super long lenses and preferred the lighter weight to the BH-55).

However if I were you I would get the BH-40LRII (that one has a leveling bubble on the plate)… they also now sell a leveling gizmo that sits between the tripod and the base of the ball head… so that way you level the tripod when you set up, and then level the ball head when you are ready to do your pano.

I’m really enjoying this head. the quality and feel is spectacular. The L-Plate is so slick and neat that you almost don’t know you have it on your camera it is that well made.


9 07 2009

RRS gear is top notch, I have the BH-55 and the levelling base. The levelling base is great for panos. For going light, I got myself and Acratech ball head, great piece of great, super light but can carry lots of weight.

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