Moab Is One Very Cool Place For Photography

3 07 2009

storm over moab web

Well I have spent a day and a half in Moab and all I can say is “What a Place”.  I could very easily spend years hear photographing the place and I’m sure I wouldn’t even scratch the surface.  This really is like heaven for landscape photographers.  I picked up my rental car in Denver… what a piece of shit that is…. It’s a big blue Chrysler SUV.  I have nick-named it the “Blue Turd” because of it’s acceleration and handling capabilities.  No wonder Chrysler went bankrupt making crap like that.

Anyway, back to the point… I drove to Moab and went out shooting with Chris Conrad (local) and Chad (from Salt Lake City) and Chris took me out to this very cool local place for a bit of light painting fun.   While we were up on the top of the hill a wonderful storm came through and I was fortunate enough to capture a couple of lovely lighting bolts while I was exposing.

This image was taken in the middle of the night with the foreground rocks having been light painted.

Weather here is fantastic.  The last two days have been cloudy, stormy etc.  Even managed a 5 hour hike yesterday and the temperature didn’t get over 80F which is amazing for the middle of Summer here!

Today we are going to scout out Canyonlands-Island In The Sky and then head up to Fantasy Canyon further North in Utah.   I will come back to Moab before I leave and spend a few more days photographing here for sure.  Hopefully I will get some time over the next day or two to edit up some of the video footage that I have shot that will give  you a feeling for the location etc.

More later




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4 07 2009
Ewan Thot

That’s an awesome place… That rays are so impressive, they don’t seem to be real. Very nice on B&W.

4 07 2009

Yes Ewan, you are right…. It is an awesome place.

Regarding the lighting, it was definitely very real…. and I was very lucky that I captured it so clearly.


4 07 2009

Awesome Brent, looks otherworldly … That lightning really adds to the drama of the place. Look forward to seeing more images and vid …. Are you making it to Mesa Arch and or Delicate Arch?

4 07 2009

brilliant first effort mate, wish I was there with you, Moab is a cool spot, spent a few days there myself, big with mountain bikers and 4WD nuts. Have you checked out Tom Tills gallery? On another note the vid of you is up on my blog. Sound is a little average but the talent is impressive!! haha.

5 07 2009

Great stuff Brent, thanks for keeping us all up to date with your travels. The shot is amazing, great timing too.

Take care

5 07 2009

Hey Neal

Yeah, I’m going to do a light painting of Mesa Arch and then also do a sunrise shoot there…. there is a convenient campsite just a mile away.

I’m also hoping to light paint Delicate Arch.


5 07 2009

Hey Christian
I left Moab temporarily (did Fantasy canyon last night and doing Goblin tonight)… but I’m heading back to Moab for my last 2 nights. Will definitely check out Tom’s gallery.

Regarding Video, I’ll take a look.

5 07 2009

Hey Kajo

Utah is fantastic… I shoot here for years and never get tired of it. Almost every hill I see I want to stop and shoot.

I hope your getting some nice shots in Europe.


5 07 2009
The Old Man

Hi Mates,

I am really envious as the images bring back memories of our previous trip together. I look forward you your updates.

5 07 2009

> I am really envious

Well now I’m just getting a bit of revenge for all the times you call me up at work and say “guess where I am now”…

You would have a ball over here.

Today I’m going to have a go at Peekaboo canyon.


6 07 2009
Flemming Bo Jensen

Sorry for being late in discovering your blog – through Christian’s – I have a lot of catching up to do I can see. I love this shot, so dramatic and mysterious. I am a big fan of ‘hyperreality’, making photos look real but with an otherworldly twist and your work is gorgeous Brent!

7 07 2009

Hey Bo

Thanks for your comment. Yeah, your comment about making photos look real but with an otherworldly twist is what I love about light painting.

People are used to seeing things lit beautifully in a studio, but when it comes to landscapes they just accept the lighting of the sun or moon. However when you light the landscape to bring out the best textures, features etc. It catches your attention.


20 07 2009

Awesome – Wonderful – Breathtaking

This one is a brilliant shot. Love it for all the drama it has got. And I really love the details of the shot. From foreground rock to that background lightning everything is so crisp n clear. Out of this world.
Thanks for sharing : )

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