Fantasy Canyon

5 07 2009

fantasy canyon 1 web

So Chad and I drove up from Moab to Fantasy Canyon…. this is not an overly well known location partly because it is a long way from the main parks and attractions of Utah.  However I found it bizarre and fascinating and definitely worth the drive.  I’ve never seen rocks like this anywhere!!!  I spent quite a few hours doing some light painting and will probably process those images when I get back home and get some time.

After night painting until 1AM I ended up sleeping in the truck to check out the sunrise….  It didn’t dissapoint me.  When the alarm went off, I peered out of the window to see whether it was going to be worth getting out of bed early or not… when I saw the high whispy clouds and the start of the colour I knew it was going to be worth it.   Thats the great thing about camping or sleeping in the truck on site… if it’s no good you can just roll over and go back to sleep.


The "Blue Turd"

After Fantasy Canyon I bid Chad a farewell and drove down to Goblin State Park which is where I am going to shoot tonight and tomorrow morning.  The Blue Turd is actually proving to be quite comfortable as a mobile home… more importantly it is being reliable.   One cool thing about the Turd is that it has a 110V outlet built in it.  I also bought my 240v inverter for light painting.  This means that while I am driving I can charge from 240v source, 110V source and 12V source all at once.   I’m keeping all my batteries (including laptop and light painting battery) fully topped up which is great.

Over and out for now




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5 07 2009

That’s awesome Brent. The truck with camera gear, laptop, chargers etc. Self contained portable studio, now you just need the printer at the back and you will have it all. Sounds like you are having a wonderful time on your trip, the images that you have sent so far are incredible, looking forward to seeing more. Gavin

5 07 2009

very phallic looking rocks mate, and yes very strange indeed. Did you paint the rocks in this shot or was it a blended exposure? The blue turd would have been worse in brown!!! Cheers

5 07 2009

Strange looking place Brent. I bet you have some killer shots we are yet to see. Can you easily get down around the rocks, its hard to get a scale from this image ….

Truck sounds like a work horse … I know a dude in the US that has a full F350 decked out with printing facilities the whole works. living and travels in it 365 …

Looking forward to more images …



5 07 2009

Hey Gavin

Thanks for your comment… yeah, it’s pretty sweet being self contained and not worrying about where you are going to sleep the night etc. I haven’t used a hotel room once yet since I’ve been here which keeps the costs down nicely as well as putting you on location when you need to be remote early.


5 07 2009

Hey Christian

Yeah, those rocks do look pretty phallic, but some of the others are the most incredible shapes… wait until you see the video!.

That shot was a blend of two exposures.


5 07 2009

Hey Neal

Yeah, I’ve got some more nice shots from Fantasy, however I’m not getting much processing time between shooting, scouting, driving, eating and the occasional bit of sleep.

When I post the video of Fantasy Canyon you’ll get a much better feel for it. Yes, you can walk all around the rocks… lots of variety etc.


6 07 2009
Flemming Bo Jensen

Amazing site and awesome photo Brent. Can sort of look like ancient people frozen in time. Love it.

11 07 2009

I am really enjoying your blog , what fascinating trip, you get to shoot those incredible places without having to pay attention to once wife/girlfriend.
this shot in particular is incredible, what a bizarre place and you were at the perfect time to shoot it.

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