B&W Light Painting

6 07 2009

Mystical rock web copy

This is another light painting.  When I left for this trip I had pretty much decided that the focus of my trip was going to be on

  1. High quality b&w images that used light painting to create striking tones & textures
  2. Panoramas of some of the big vistas.

I have deliberately steered clear of the big “icons” because they are photographed to death and it’s hard to find a way to make them unique.  Having said that I am hoping to light paint Mesa arch and Delicate arch before I finish).

I was very happy with this shot… I spent today chilling out in a hotel room (my first for the trip), so I could actually spend some time processing properly.  I light painted the foreground of this image using my trusty olive-oil-can-powered fluoro light.  Unfortunately after I took this shot the clouds all deserted me and I had clear sky.

Off to do Peekabo Slot Canyon this afternoon and then paint Devils Garden tonight… I was hoping to do Zebra Canyon tomorrow but the rangers are telling me it’s full of water…. we’ll see…




8 responses

6 07 2009

Very interesting process !

6 07 2009
Graham Leggate

Looks like you are having a ball! Great work on the light painting, looks like a great vista to photograph… lucky you. Looking forward to seeing the video and the other pictures from you trip as you go around.

6 07 2009

Hey Graham

Yes, I’m having a blast. It’s so rare to be able to eat, sleep & breathe photography in one of the most beautiful places on earth.

I will have lots of videos to post… I want to put up a series of video guides for anybody planning a trip to Utah. I think it will help photographers with their planning.


6 07 2009

Looking great Brent. Very jealous sitting here at work. You mentioned at one time in your blog that your dad had worked on a different light box with PVC pipe – how did that turn out? Look forward to more. Cheers, Muzz.

6 07 2009

Hey Muzz
I imagine that I am making a lot of people jealous… how could you not be… If your a landscape photographer that is. It is so god-damn beautiful over here… hardest thing is deciding which (out of 1,000,000 possible things) to photograph. If there is a heaven for landscape photographers… I hope it looks something like Utah.

Regarding the rig that my old man built, he said it turned out pretty sweet. It certainly sounds like it is a lot more robust and compact than mine… but I haven’t seen it yet. When I get back I’ll take a photo of it and give it a test drive and then write a review for my blog.

You going to give landscape light painting a try?


6 07 2009

Only difference would be in heaven you’d be shooting Canon 😉 . Weather has conspired against me at this full moon – pretty average in WA just now. I’m primed and ready although I’m going to start with the lights/torches I have before going the whole hog.

At the moment I’m trying to soak up some knowledge and enthusiasm by hanging out in blogs like yours and CF’s, hoping some of it is going to rub off and I’m suddenly going to be brilliant. I think the night might be for me as with 2 little kids I generally don’t get started on any projects until after they’ve gone to bed.

Looking forward to more, and will try to get CF to twist your arm for a workshop down south after Karijini!

6 07 2009

Sounds like a dream trip Brent … Makes me want to be right there as well. Currently looking at photographing the fall season in Northern California, something I have always wanted to do, so about to bite the bullet and just go do it this year…

Looking forward to the vids

7 07 2009

Amazing work. Glad i found your blog. I’ll have a lot of digging to do when i come back from my vacation.

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