Last Posting From Utah – Delicate Arch

10 07 2009

Delicate Arch web

Today I drive back to Denver and then fly back to Australia.  The trip has been utterly fantastic.  I decided to finish up with a night shoot of one of Utah’s most known icons – Delicate Arch.  I hiked up to the arch (about 45min reasonably steep hike… especially with camera an light painting gear).  There was the usual throng of tourists running around, so I set my camera up to do a time-lapse sequence of the sunset.  I haven’t done this before so it will be interesting to see if it works out OK.

I then made two mistakes…the only two mistakes I have made this trip

1) I screwed up the moonrise location…. I had consulted Jeff Conrad’s sun & moon calculator to determine the time and direction of the moon rise, but I must have misread it and totally had the wrong idea of where the moon was rising.

2) Because I was doing the time lapse sequence, I set my camera settings to medium resolution JPEG images….. and yup… I forgot to change it back to RAW for the night shoot of Delicate Arch.

So this image is my last from the trip…. I haven’t had much time to process it (as I finish breakfast).   But I guess this image will never be printed large 😦

Oh well, I suppose I can’t really complain as the rest of the trip has gone brilliantly.  If any of you ever find yourself at Arches NP, you must do sunset at Delicate Arch, and then hang around after the crowds go and enjoy the absolute beauty and majesty of whats around.  Sitting there in the balmy 80 degree warm breezes with a bottle of red wine, some snacks and just soaking it in until about midnight was a wonderful way to finish the trip and soak in the desert atmosphere.  There were a few other non-photographers that were also enjoying the night up at Delicate Arch…. I think I gave them a bit of a shock when I fired up my lights and started painting the arch.

Anyway, back to Sydney today… lots of images to sort though and process (nothing like Christian’s 8,000 images though).



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10 07 2009

This is such a different take on a common subject, that it is hard to think of delicate arch when looking at this shot.
Simply amazing, the star trails frame the arch perfectly. Well done.

10 07 2009

Hey Brent it looks great at web resolution. You could always ask CF to run his TNFP filter over it – that thing can fix anything! Sounds like you may just have to return to Utah during “shooting season” another year – by that time you may well have a busload of lightpainting devotees going around with you.

10 07 2009

seriously cool light paint on this Brent … Nice new angle on the arch as well …. Shame about the camera set up but we’ve all done it and will fall into that trap from time to time … Looking forward to seeing the time lapse images …

10 07 2009
Rod Thomas

Awesome shot mate.. bugger about the jpg thing.. As Neal said, we have all done it before and no doubt I will do it again ( hopefully not on your course though mate ) Cya in a few weeks

11 07 2009
Brent Pearson

Thanks guys for your comments…. yup, this is a pretty unusual view. If you guys ever get to Delicate Arch…. try to work out where I took it from…. thats all I’ll say.


11 07 2009
Flemming Bo Jensen

Brilliant work Brent, love it, has that otherwordly quality again. As for shooting at wrong iso, have done it heaps! On the old 5D where the iso was not displayed in viewfinder I constantly forgot to reset it, helps a bit on the 5Dmk2 with the iso in viewfinder I tend to notice it at some point during the day 🙂

11 07 2009

I bet you took it hanging off the edge of something you crazy man. What people don’t realize when they see photos of this is how big it is. Nice work again mate. You are continually impressing me with your effort to get the shots you do. Enjoy everyone of your posts……………. especially the one with me in it!!! Enjoy the plane flight home, or are you going to paddle back on a longboard for a bit of adventure??? Stop making us look like a bunch of pussies, or is that just me!!! hehe

14 07 2009
Dylan Fox

i was in the states this time last year! Denver weather never failed to amaze me!!!
I saw many incredible cloudscapes, and thunderstorms and of course locations.

Your B&W night shots are inspirational and are absolutely incredible! I got praise your work for days! Everyone knows I love B&W and something different (eg. night photography)!
Im heading to melbourne on thursday night so will hopefully get some city shots of some sort!
Keep it up mate!

14 07 2009
Dylan Fox

actually mate could you shoot me an email at dylan at dylanfox dot com dot au

15 07 2009

Loving your images Brent. I wish I could see them in big print, but I’ll have to content myself with the web.
…Theresa (nslps UK)

15 07 2009
Miguel Kieling

Hi Brent,

Amazing picture!

I’m writing from Brazil, but I have a brother who lives near you and I’ll try to take your workshop next year.

I’ve read your posts and tutorials. Great stuff. Really helpful to a guy like me who’s always trying to improve his photo skills. I’m thinking of having a blog. Have you tried Blogspot or others? Do you really like WordPress? Do you have the stardard plan or is it a paid one? Thank you very much, mate!!

Miguel Kieling

15 07 2009

Thanks for your note Christian

Decided to wimp out of a long board paddle back and just take the plane (yeah.. I know… boring).

Just de-compressing and spending time with the family before processing photos and videos.

Have you gone through your 8,000 images yet 😉


15 07 2009

Thanks Dylan

I appreciate your note


15 07 2009

Hey Theresa

How are you doing in the UK? Have you adapted your style to the softer UK light? Thanks for your kind words on my images. Now that I’m back I’m going to get some large prints made of the B&W shots.


15 07 2009

Hey Miguel

Glad you found my blog useful… thats the purpose of it…. to share my knowledge and photographic journey with anyone who cares.

Regarding blogs, yes, I moved from Blogspot to WordPress and love it. I have a standard plan and would highly recommend WordPress to anyone.


15 07 2009

I’m still to get out into the English countryside – I’m waiting for the days to get a bit shorter so I don’t have to get up so early 🙂
Lots of Europe photos but nothing really special yet – I went to the Cinque Terre so have lots of picture postcard shots, but found it very hard to get something just that bit different.

19 07 2009

very hard to pick a favourite brent but this for me is sublime .. love it mate ..

looks like your having a ball ..

23 07 2009
Mark Stothard

Hi Brent,

Nice work on the Utah stuff mate! Glad to hear that others make those dumb mistakes like forgetting to change back to RAW etc! I thought it was just me!

Looking fwd to meeting you at Karijini next year with Christian. That should be a lot of fun eh!



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30 08 2010

Great shot of delicate arch. i just got back from my second trip to moab of the summer and hopefully got some great shots. check em out at

16 11 2010
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