Recovered from jetlag and starting to re-process my photos

18 07 2009

Dead Horse Point

I got back from Utah about a week ago… and I haven’t felt like touching my images during the week… spent time with the family.  Today I finally got around to organising my images and starting to go back and reprocess them properly (on a calibrated monitor etc.)  I’m probably going to pick half a dozen images and get them nicely printed and framed.

I haven’t started work on the videos yet… will get to that shortly.  Don’t feel like shooting right now… feel like processing my Utah shots properly.

fantasy canyon by night



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18 07 2009

Two of the best Brent … and as I said on Flickr, dont think I have seen one better of Dead Horse, well done … Would love to se it printed and framed when I catch up with you soon ..

18 07 2009
Flemming Bo Jensen

The Deah Horse shot is a stunner Brent. Outstanding. Like Neal says, one of the best ever at this spot. True Fine Art shot.

Fantasy canyon by night looks great but I have to admit to not really liking that big rock in the foreground. I would be interested to see a version concentrating on the rocks in the middleground, looks like a huge spine !

19 07 2009

fabulous work here brent .. all the shots from your trip have been terrific .. always look forward to your next upload 😉

19 07 2009

Brent that tree in the foreground really makes that shot and takes it to the next level. Looking forward to seeing the videos of this place.

19 07 2009
Graham Leggate

Wow, the Dead Horse shot looks nearly like a painting. Spectacular scenery.

19 07 2009
Dylan Fox

Although that first image is feckin awesome…. I am curios of a b&w conversion…….

20 07 2009

Hi Brent,

Dead Horse is just mind blowing as Matt said the tree in the foreground really makes this photo for me.

I love the Fantasy Canyon one as well, it makes me feel like I’m on the moon.

Jamie Paterson

20 07 2009

Echoing the comments of others above, the dead horse point shot is an absolute stunner. That tree in the foreground and the foreboding sky really lift this image.

21 07 2009

The Deah Horse is fabulous. Great great shot!!!!

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