Twitter Blows!

24 07 2009

OK… Just for the record… Twitter just doesn’t cut it for me…. I like to think of myself as someone who is open-minded, stays up with trends and technology. I gave Twitter another try recently to see whether I was missing something. What a freaking waste of time…. For me Twitter = a whole bunch of mindless crap.

Happy to be flamed….. maybe I’m just a luddite, but for me it was one big waste of time. Blogs are great… they are thoughtful and informative…. but for me Twitter Blows.

Anybody that is following my Twitter account will be dissapointed.



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24 07 2009
Ken Dickson

Hooray – the voice of reason!!

I couldn’t agree more – I am interested in following blogs for the content they produce, interesting items kind of like reading a magazine article.

I don’t really want to know what people had for breakfast.

24 07 2009

Ken, you mean it has information about what people had for breakfast? in that case I might have to give it a go ;-). I think it’s a bit like those that spend their days updating their facebook status, so that at any point in time we can know if they are happy or sad, relaxing or at work etc etc, seriously who cares.

I guess it’s for those who don’t have photography to absorb every free moment of their time, definitely not for me. So yes I fully agree and am happy to join the twitter luddite group.


24 07 2009
The Old Man

Twittering is for the birds, particularly the noisy little bast…. that wake me up at 5.30am. I would like to dispose of both species.
Grumpy old man.

24 07 2009

yeah, I’m not convinced by it either, although I have a few friends who post regularly on there and we “catch up” from time to time, so its serves a sort of purpose. I’m not wasting hours of my life with it though!

25 07 2009
The Night Writerz

That’s funny Brent because I just watched @digitalalps send this tweet to their 13,911 followers: Check out this great ebook on Night Photography and Light Painting – It’s a great read.

Which was then “retweeted” six times hitting another potential 3,120 Tweeple. So I don’t know how you can complain when your ebook just passed a possible 17,031 people in less than 24 hours πŸ˜‰

So don’t just bag it yet!

25 07 2009

I was one of those people that received the digitalps tweet and bought your book.

Twitter for elling people what you ate for breakfast is stupid but it does have its uses

25 07 2009

Hey there Chad
I knew I’d get a rise out of you…

My issue with Twitter is the signal-to-noise ratio. I’m sure there are gems that get tweeted, but the noise is just too high for my liking.

In terms of effectiveness, I tracked the amount of sales I got from the tweets versus the recommendation on the email, and the email was approximately 20 times more effective.


25 07 2009

Twitter truly sucks, and I wonder why ppl seriously waste time with crap like that.
Skype revolutionized the internet way more. Twitter is just a huge hype, with no legs to stand on.
/Rant out πŸ™‚

25 07 2009

What I am amazed by though, is the power that some ppl have with their twitter (which are very few of course).
True story: The guy from techcrunch has a following of about 130k people.
One day he had internet provider problems and sent out a twitter message a la:
ISP *** is crap, don’t sign up with them.
You can imagine the result this can have on a company, and indeed that ISP had a huge sales collapse in the following days simply because of one twitter message.
You can imagine the power of a tool like that.

26 07 2009

I hear you.

I’ve never been on Twitter, don’t understand why it’s popular, and have no desire to post short ramblings about whatever to whomever.

I tend to have an aversion to the “in thing” or the flavour of the month, what’s popular, etc.

By that logic, I shouldn’t shoot Canon, should stop using a Mac, and should boycott Turimetta, but surely I’m allowed to contradict myself in some way. πŸ™‚

PS: I don’t follow blogs either. Yours is the exception, however.


26 07 2009
Stu Jenks

yea, twitter ain’t my thing either….i kinda like FB but not that much….i just like using my blog and those who want to see the new work can just go there

29 07 2009

Brent, I love Twitter. However, everytime when I try to explain the concept of Twitter to my friends, I keep thinking, whoa it’s ridiculous.

Twitter, like any other social media, is what you make of it. If you find the noise level is too high, chances are you’re following the wrong people. It took me a lot of follow/unfollow to find the right folks. I mostly follow designers/programmers.

There are plenty photographers/artist on twitter who twit quality stuff. I say give it some time.

btw, found your site via Flickr Nikon D90 Club group. Great site!

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