Light Painting Utah – Video Number 2

26 07 2009

Hey there

This is the second in the series of 3 videos.  This video will show the images that I took lightpainting and the post processing techniques to create my Mystical Rock image.  I hope you enjoy.





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26 07 2009
Flemming Bo Jensen

Thanks so much Brent, that is one of the best and most useful tutorial videos I have seen for a long time. Really cool to learn about night light painting! Also, I reckon I will buy the Nik Silver plugin, looks awesome.

Some of the colour versions, especially the layer 4 blend in PS, look quite amazing as well, at least at this small size, dunno if you maybe have problems with the different temperatures of light blended together when viewed at 100%?

26 07 2009

Very interesting tutorial.
I ‘m discovering light painting and it seems to offer infinite possibilities !

26 07 2009
Rob van Elven

Hi Brent, I just found out your website via a video interview that Christian Fletcher had on his website.
Awesome work and thanks for sharing this look behind the scenes.
I’ll keep a close look on your blog. This is fascinating photography at my doorstep (Sydney :-).

26 07 2009

Firts thing it surprise me is that I initially thought you light painted the whole aerea with one shot, but once i saw you mix a lot of selective lighted areas and then layerer it I realised your workflow is the same I use in that situations, the only difference is that I dont use maskig but instead i stack the pictures and start erasing on top of it to get the lighted zones from the one stacked below. oh I forgot, the biggest difference between you workflow and mine is that I dont dare to go such places by my own at night, I am too scared. Thas a pretty big difference that make the difference I guess.

26 07 2009

Hey Bo

I’m glad you found it useful.

Regarding colour balance, I didn’t spend too much time matching colour in the RAW conversion because I knew I was taking it to B&W eventually anyway.

All of the light painting was done with the same light which was at 5500K (so it was a pretty close match to the moon anyway)… If I wanted to do a colour version I would have just spent a bit more time on the colour balance during RAW conversion and the scene would have matched OK.


26 07 2009

Hey Gino

As I get more and more comfortable with the light, I reckon I am getting closer and closer to capturing the scene in one image… but then why make life harder for myself than I need to?

I enjoy being out there at night… I’m not in a rush to capture the scene, so for me… it’s about just relaxing and enjoying the evening… I view it more as entertainment than a chore… If I capture the scene in one go… then it’s over too quickly. I enjoy painting one part of the environment and then studying the results on the LCD panel of the camera.

Regarding being two scared… there have definitely been a couple of places that have freaked me out a bit at night (Port Arthur where there was the mass murder in recent times and lots of convict murders in times of old is one place… and Devils Garden in Escalante was another location that I found freaky).

However usually I don’t find the night at all scarey… in fact I generally find it really peaceful, quiet and relaxing. You definitely don’t do your best work if you are “on edge”. However the more you shoot at night, the more comfortable you get with it.


26 07 2009

I am totally agree Brent, but dont tell my girlfriend to get confrotable shooting at night by my own, she already hates the fact that I do it with friends.

26 07 2009
Stu Jenks

Great tuts, but I have to say, it makes me feel a little inadequate. I’m an old Rollei guy who made his name with that old camera and have just converted to Canon 5d and using photoshop. I miss the simplicity of the darkroom and it’s wonderful limits and only know how to use PS4 a little… brain doesnt learn things as fast or at all now….anyway….great great stuff….and I’ll be heading to the Bristlecones and Yosemite in a week to shoot in the moonlight and maybe some bozo shots…..again great stuff

26 07 2009
Graham Leggate

Thanks Brent for posting the videos. They give a great in-site to the type of things you do to get some fantastic shots. Thanks.

27 07 2009

Thanks for sharing these great tutorials Brent. It’s so useful to watch what you’re doing in real time and the workflow you use. Being a little less creative, I admire that you have a vision for an image from the start and how you work towards it’s final resolution. Looking forward to vid #3.

27 07 2009
Brent Pearson

Hey Lol06
Yeah, landscape light painting really does open up a whole new dimension to landscape work… Having ultimate control of the lighting was once just the realm of the studio guys.


27 07 2009
Brent Pearson

Hey Stu

I’d love to shoot the Bristlecones… I’ve done a bit of shooting in Yosemite and love it…. so many possibilities for night work. I will be watching your blog with interest.


27 07 2009
Brent Pearson

Hey Muzz
I just finished running my second Seascape workshop this weekend and we spent a lot of time talking about the importance of pre-visualisation. It’s kind of funny… I’ve been telling all the participants to shoot like a large-format photographer (really scouting the location, previsualising the image and nailing the composition) and only capturing one or two compositions… but doing it in a “digital” way….. Taking lots of images of the one composition so that you can blend in post production.

I would say without any doubt that 95% of my images now are totally pre-visualised. In some cases I even create a picture in my head and then I scout landscapes looking for the right environment to bring it to reality.

Glad you are finding the tutorials interesting.


27 07 2009

Very cool tutorial Brent, picked up a few little gem nuggets of info … Looking forward to the 3rd installment …

28 07 2009

Fantastic Brent – thanks so much for sharing these insights. Very inspirational. I look forward to the next one.

29 07 2009

hey brent .. very informative video .. you make it look so easy .. love it .. cant wait for number 3 ..

29 07 2009

and also .. wish we knew about the software you used to record this video when you come to my house , sure beats the jinxs program 😉

30 07 2009
Jack (North of Auckland)

Hey Brent that is one very useful and informative videos mate. Nice work.

I did wonder how you did it. Looks a good way to keep fit too with all that arm waving LOL

4 08 2009
Luke Austin

Thanks Brent. I did find that useful. Really well put together and easy to follow.

6 08 2009
Tony Middleton

Hi Brent,
Great tutorial mate – it is really interesting to see how you go about get the great results you do ! I must say light painting/this method has evolved so much from what I have done in the pst with slide film, which would essentially be 1 long exposure with me doing all the painting (diff directions/strengths etc) all during that.

thanks for the insight!


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