Funny How We See Differently

7 08 2009

winter dawn over forresters

This week I have had another Sand Groper visiting Sydney from Perth.  Neal (aka Spool Photography) who is a very talented landscape photographer who specialises in panoramas spent a few days with me and we did a few shoots together.   I took Neal back to Forresters beach, and while I was chilling out waiting for the light, I was watching the way he was looking for shots and it struck me how differently we both view the same location.

I tend to think in wide angle terms and immediately jump forward in amongst the rocks looking for interesting foregrounds and lead-in lines and that type of stuff.  Neal being a “pano guy” tends to step back and take in the landscape with a pano eye.  He’s shooting horizontal and vertical stitches and pulling out totally different compositions that I just can’t see with my eye.

I love it when two photographers with different styles shoot the same location on the same day… it’s just a blast how differently the location is interpreted.

Maybe I need to set myself some set subjects to force myself to see more in panorama….

By the way, for anybody in Sydney interested in improving their Seascapes, I’m running my next 1 Day intensive Seascape workshop on 19th and 20th of September and there are still a few places left.





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8 08 2009

While I hear you rummage in the other room, let me just say “Thanks to you and your family for being the most gracious hosts” I knew this shot would be killer after viewing all the selections you had to choose from … Looking forward to getting a few of mine processed when i get back home …



8 08 2009

Outdoor Photography, the UK magazine, do features where different photographers will shoot the same location. It is interesting how at times there will be excellent but very different photographs from the different photographers. I assume that to make it as a professional, someone needs to be able to get as many different shots from the one location, to maximise saleable photos to time spent. Unless, of course, someone is so good that a single photo is worth it.

8 08 2009

That’s a great shot Brent , one of the better ones I’ve seen of yours, very nice.

Ah well, I’d better get back to pruning the roses.

8 08 2009

Thanks Merv

When the sky is lighting up and you are in a great location like Forresters, it’s hard not to come back with great shots.


9 08 2009

Hey Ken
You raise a very interesting point about the way that people shoot. Because I am NOT shooting to sell my prints, when I go out, more and more I’m happy with just bringing back 1 really good print rather than optimising my shoot time…. I think I’m shooting more and more like a medium format photographer.

This shot that I took was the only composition I shot that morning (despite it being a brilliant sunrise)….. I probably captured 50 images of the water flow, and for the entire hour that I was shooting, only 1 wave was big enough to crash over that central rock and cause the waterfalls that are central to my image. If I was trying to optimise my shoot time I’m sure I wouldn’t have been lucky enough to capture that one wave and hence my image would probably not have been as strong.

Thanks for your comment… interesting thought.


14 08 2009

Hi Brent,

Nice shot mate! Another Sandgroper over your way again eh!

I reckon it is cool having 2 photographers together. It stimulates debate and discussion on shooting angles and makes you think outside of the box more than if you are along I reckon.



14 08 2009

Yeah, it is fun shooting with others… especially when you have in-close Seascapers shooting with Pano-guys…. very different outcomes… Both interesting but we just see so differently. Definitely a lot of fun.


16 08 2009

mate can’t believe you didn’t subject Neal to the horrors of Canyon X, why, why, why!! Great pic

14 05 2011

Beautiful seascape

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