A Cool Shit Tutorial For Advanced Landscapers (part 1 of 3)

29 08 2009

Hello there photogs

Sorry for the slack work in updating my blog…. work has been very busy lately… most inconvenient getting in the way of my photography.

Anyway, I thought I would make up for it by doing a series of 3 photoshop tutorials on advanced masking techniques.   OK, All you beginners out there,  don’t bother watching these tutorials,  seriously I think you’ll find them pretty difficult to follow.  However for you guys that are competent in Photoshop,  hopefully I’ll be able to show you some cool techniques that you may not know about.

So here’s what the series is all about.

  • Tutorial 1 (this one) is going to show you how to make contrast masks.  If you haven’t done this before, it is a way cool technique for making razor-accurate masks for things like sky or land etc.
  • Tutorial 2 (coming soon) will show you how to fine tune your masks to get rid of halos and fringing
  • Tutorial 3 (coming soon as well) will show you some of the cool things you can do once you make these razor-sharp masks.

So forget your “Magic wand”…..   Grab a beer or glass of wine and enjoy the first of these tutorials….

Warning: This tutorial is targeted at Intermediate-Advanced Photoshop Users! Beginners beware!

title 1 icon

I’d love to hear your feedback on whether you found this technique useful.  Also I’m trying out some new screencam authoring software, so let me know if you prefer this style of tutorial?





21 responses

29 08 2009

Hi Brent, great tutorial providing a quick and effective way of masking. I like the brush with overlay mode, can’t say I fully understand the various blending modes but it works really well to clean up the mask. Looking forward to the other parts of the tutorial.

29 08 2009
Antony Spencer

Hey Brent, That was an amazing tutorial. I was really worried at the start after your warnings, I’m used to just doing basic adjustments in photoshop but was able to follow this really well. Cant wait to get the kids to bed tonight and have a big play!

Thanks for sharing these tips,


30 08 2009

Awesome Brent, I have been doing something similar with luminosity masks in the channels panel as well, but I think tomorrow I will try and utilize this with the luminosity masks …



30 08 2009
Doru Oprisan

Great tutorial ! Thanks for sharing !

30 08 2009

Nice tutorial Brent. Channels are a secret weapon in photoshop that are overlooked.

30 08 2009

Thanks for sharing this.

It makes perfect sense, and ostensibly is more accurate than selecting using the normal selection tools, even if you have a very sharp, clean variation between areas as you do in the working image.

I’ll be interested to see just how accurate the selection is, and the refinements you’ll make in the next tutorial.


30 08 2009


The mask is pretty accurate, but in the third tutorial you will see a typical masking artifcat (a bit of fringing), but you will see how easy it is to fix when you know how.

I’ll put the second tutorial up today.


30 08 2009


Looking forward to that second tutorial, and also your approach for handling masking artifacts.

It’s good of you to share these techniques, as this stuff isn’t at all obvious until you know how, and mos people probably rely on selection tools only, with varying degrees of success.

I’d be keen to see a tutorial (of yours) on luminosity masks. Have you used that technique before?


30 08 2009

Hi Brent,

Awesome tutorial, brand new technique for me, really looking for the second one . . .


31 08 2009
Rod Thomas


Great tutorial mate, easy enough to follow. It was good catching up with you again on Sunday morning…. Let us know when your coming up again and well catch up.. Cya at the course if I dont see you before hand ! ! !

Cant wait to see the second and third tutorials mate… Howd the light painting image from Sunday work out… ?


1 09 2009
Lee Duguid

Hi Brent,
love the overlay brush tip. I’ve always wondered how to accurately create complex layer masks like this, no more glowing rocks woo hoo! how does it look at 100%?

Thanks for sharing!

1 09 2009

Hey Lee
your question will be answered in tutorial part 3.

Stay tuned

2 09 2009

Hi Brent, Great tutorial! Thank you very much for taking the time to make the videos and giving the rest of us tips and tricks. It will sure come in handy. GK

4 09 2009

loving all the tutorials Brent .. they are informative and very easy to follow .. keep them coming ..

5 09 2009
Jack (North of Auckland)

Thanks for that Brent. Looks like that will come in very handy mate. Keep’em coming.


20 09 2009

Brilliant Tutorial Brent, thanks for sharing mate….onto 2 and 3 now!

This function has been bugging me for a while now, so now thanks to you I can improve a number of my images.

Very much appreciated mate!



2 11 2009

Brilliant and very easy to follow, extremely well done!



21 11 2009
Andy Frazer


This was excellent. I never knew about the trick to paintbrush in OVERLAY mode. Thanks!


7 12 2009
Tips Photoshop

very nice, thank’s 🙂

25 01 2010
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[…] A Cool Shit Tutorial For Advanced Landscapers (part 1 of 3 … […]

7 07 2010

Loved the Tute great part1 Cheers

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