Cool Shit Masking Tutorial Part 2 of 3 – Tuning Your Mask

30 08 2009

I hope you guys enjoyed the first tutorial.  The feedback seemed to be pretty positive.

Here’s the second tutorial in the trilogy.  This will show you three techniques for “tuning” or adjusting your mask.  Don’t you hate it when you get fringing or haloing on your mask…. well this tutorial will show you how to get rid of it.

Click here to view tutorial number 2

If you haven’t viewed the first tutorial, I suggest you scroll down to my previous post and view that tutorial first.






9 responses

31 08 2009
Tim Donnelly

Both great tutorials there Brent…Thx for the new ideas. It looks as though it will be cool method for those tricky situations! Hope all is well.

1 09 2009

Nice follow up.

1 09 2009

great stuff Brent – thks for sharing and looking forwards to the third tutorial in the series

2 09 2009

Another very informative tutorial Brent, really makes the first vid come into its own. Looking forward to part 3

4 09 2009

Awesome tutorial Brent, thanks!

4 09 2009

hey Brent , great to have these up your sleeve .. thanks for the tips 😉 keep bringin these on mate ..

15 09 2009


Well done, Thank You!

What software do you use to create these screen image video captures?

15 09 2009
Brent Pearson

I’m using the new version of Camtasia for the Mac (from Techsmith).

I used their software on the PC and was bummed out when they didn’t have a Mac version… however they just launched it and I have switched back to it.


20 09 2009

Nice work again Brent…lotsalearning in there mate!

Onto 3 now!



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