Light Painting – Drain Painter Style

2 09 2009

Light Painting Fun

Last night I met up with a couple of guys from the Melbourne Drain Painters Group on Flickr Octopus777fish and Man Underground.   Nice guys who are really doing some fun interesting stuff with experimental light painting.  They enjoy urban exploration and doing their thing in drains and abandoned buildings.  It was an interesting night. They taught me a lot about some of the experimental light rigs they have built, and hopefully I taught them a few things about environmental light painting and technique.

I’ve got a few more images that I’ll process up over the weekend, this was just a quickie that I knocked up last night when I got back home.   It was a really enjoyable night… Thanks guys.




2 responses

2 09 2009

Thanks for a very informative night Brent. And I love how that photo of me turned out.
Are you selling prints of it at all? or can I get a large copy to be printed out?
Next time you are down Melbourne way, contact us and we will definetly organise something again,
Melbourne City Drain Painter’s thanks you for your time and knowledge


2 09 2009

That really looks awesome. I didn’t know that drains have meters and dials.

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