The People You Meet

26 09 2009

Coogee FenceOne of the things I love about the internet and photography is that is gives you a relatively easy mechanism to connect to local photographers when you go travelling.  Just do a bit of research, see who’s photos you like in a particular area… drop them and email and presto…. local guide.

During the week I got an email from a German photographer called Chris who is visiting Sydney… asked for some recommendations on locations…. next thing you know we were out at Coogee Pool shooting this morning during the mini dust storm.  I’ve met so many photographers from all over the world (and country).  It’s great to be able to share your favorite places with them and have them take you to their favorite places.

I took this shot after being drenched by a wave splashing up.  I loved the soft lighting that the dust clouds had created.  I’m so used to shooting harsh early morning light that it was a pleasure to shoot in the relatively low contrast light of this morning.



7 responses

26 09 2009

Stunning composition Brent! Especially love your B&W conversion!

27 09 2009
Graham Leggate

Fantastic picture Brent. Great contrast.

27 09 2009

gday Brent .

the last couple of days have been very different thats for sure . the dust did some amazing things with the light . great work here .

27 09 2009

beautiful picture, i too like the B&W conversion

30 09 2009

Love the composition Brent an the B&W treatment works so well

6 10 2009

nice composition, the front post bothers me a little, too dark at the top. Dont know if this is natural or from a grad but I would like to see it lighter. Just tell me to piss off!!! hehe

8 10 2009
Rod Thomas

Nice work Brent…. really like the B&W effect….. Hope the weather is ok for Saturday, Ill call you on Friday sometime to make sure.

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