Preparing for Some Subterranean Shoots

28 09 2009

Graffiti Hands

My recent trip through an abandoned building with the Melbourne City Drain Painters has got me excited about some of the more creative light painting techniques that they employ.  These folks really experiment with alternate light sources and literally create light paintings in underground drains and abandoned buildings.   When I first saw their work I admired their creativity but noticed that sometimes they put too much emphasis on the light and not enough on the environmental lighting etc.

I am going to start shooting some more underground photography where I can blend my landscape light painting techniques with some of their funky lighting effex.  I’ve been accumulating some funky lights and wiring them up at home ready.  My next trip is with the Sydney Cave Clan in about 2 weeks.  We are going to hit an old sewer drain which should be fun.    Looking forward to my next overnight trip to Melbourne again so I can do another shoot with the MCDP crew.





10 responses

29 09 2009

that’s an absolutely amazing photos. Love the lighting!

30 09 2009

Great shot Brent. Looks like it is a fun night out with those guys and all their light gear.

30 09 2009

Amazing light patterns. Looks like a lot of fun ….

1 10 2009

cool result indeed Brent .

3 10 2009

wow, where did you find this?

3 10 2009
Brent Pearson

Hey Katie

It’s an old factory in Melbourne…. Are you Melbourne-based?


5 10 2009

Amazing… simply amazing shot. Care to share how you did the blue criss crosses?

5 10 2009

Hey KhenG.
light patterns were done using a wheel with LEDs on it…. think back to Spirograph…. if you don’t know what that is… google it.


6 10 2009

absolutely brilliant mate, love it and your enthusiasm for getting different shots.

6 05 2010

I’m based in Melbourne and am looking for a ;location exactly like this one for a professional video shoot. Do you mind sharing??

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