Combining Business With Pleasure – A Night Shoot in Melbourne

1 09 2009
The End of the Road By Hallosin8

The End of the Road by Hallucin8

I’m at Sydney airport about to hop on a flight to Melbourne for a couple of days.  I’m looking forward to it because I’m going to be combining 2 days of business with a bit of pleasure.  I’m hooking up with a few folks from a very interesting Flickr Group called Melbourne City Drain Painters.  They do some way cool light painting in drains, abandoned buildings etc.   I’m heading out a with a few of the team tonight, so I’ve packed my camera gear and light painting stuff and plan to rendezvous at an old abandoned building later tonight.

I’m looking forward to creating some art with these guys and gals and blending some styles.  It’s wonderful when you can combine business trips with a bit of fun…. the power of Flickr and communities eh?  I’m hoping to take a few “behind-the-scene shots” of our little outing tonight (assuming the guys are OK with it).

Spirograph Octopus By Octopus777fish

Spirograph Octopus By Octopus777fish

I’ll update you with how this little expedition goes in the next couple of days.