Slow Down and Smell the Sea Spray…

7 10 2009


Some times photography can be about rushing around to get the light before it fades, and sometimes when you are in a wonderful location you are running around like a blue-arsed fly to get the perfect shots.  Over the past year I have deliberately slowed down my shooting, and often I am happy getting one or two compositions.  Now that I’m not running around so much I have much more time to really admire my surroundings and really absorb the beauty of whats around me.  And you know what… I think this helps with my post production as I find myself with a better mental picture of what I liked about the location… This is what I try to reproduce in my images.

OK.. Deep thought over.





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7 10 2009

Hi Brent,
I can totally relate to your newfound zen.. but only when the lights crap! 😉
It’s just a cool thing sometimes to just sit and realise your actually sitting on earth (and not just your life – if you get me) right on the edge of Australia..
You have some great work mate and it’s so good to see you so joyfully sharing your techniques and knowledge.

7 10 2009

wow, nice thoughts, now get back to work hipee!!!
Nah really I need to do the same, I spent my last three trips looking at life through a 3″ monitor, not nearly as nice as the full view.
NOW you can get back to work ya tree hugger!

8 10 2009
Rod Thomas

Very deep Brent…. even for a Nikon Shooter.. LOL
See ya on Saturday

8 10 2009
Lewis Golbourn

Know exactly what you mean – had my ‘moment of clarity’ at the Grand Canyon, so many photographers rushing about looking and taking snaps, people turning up for 20 minutes and leaving again, but few folk really taking the time to appreciate it.

8 10 2009

true words , i feel the same about that

8 10 2009
Jamie Paterson

Hi Brent,

Know what you mean. I take time out at each shoot now to absorb the moment.


10 10 2009

brillaint movement in the water!

11 10 2009
Dylan Fox

Ive always been one to find my composition and stick with it and fire away till that perfect light occurs. I hate changing my position once i find a good one cause then i might move from it and end up walking away with shit shots!
nice pic in this too! 🙂

12 10 2009

Brent . tell the truth . your getting older now and haven’t got the energy to run around rock hopping 😉 seriously , nice thoughts indeed .

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