Urban Light Painting Fun

11 10 2009

Spider on the track

Well last night Gavin (aka Tripod) and I joined the Cave Clan for a really enjoyable evening of photography in strange locations.  Unfortunately due to the rain we had to abort shooting in the old drain, however we then went and photographed in an old train tunnel which was a lot of fun.  It is simply wonderful getting creative with this lot.  This shot is a picture of Spider standing on the rail lines.  Don’t worry, this a rarely used spur of the rail line where they park trains during the day, so there wasn’t much chance of a train interrupting our fun.  There is so much creativity that you can bring to this type of photography regarding light sources that it is so much fun when you go out as a group to do this type of photography.  Everbody brings the most bizzare “light sources” and it’s fun mixing them together to create some funky compositions.

In my backpack I had my trusty 12 volt alarm battery, 240volt inverter, high powered fluoro light, cold cathode lights, electro luminesent wire, multicoloured LED torches, steel wool, LED light nets, and more!!!!

blue silouette

After the train tunnel we went out to Middle Head fort for a really fun evening of light painting in the abandoned structure.  I could spend weeks photographing here.  This is going to be the location for my forthcoming night photography workshop.  I’m just finalising some of the logistical / bureaucratic details.  Stay tuned.





21 responses

11 10 2009
Graham Leggate

Awesome pictures!!

11 10 2009
Flemming Bo Jensen

Mindblowing stuff, really cool! What is the source for that blue “floor” light in the 1st shot?

12 10 2009
Laurent P

Simply incredible !!

12 10 2009
Brent Pearson

Hey Flemming

The blue stuff on the floor is light trails made by EL Wire (Electro luminescent wire). It is very cool stuff. you can buy it cheaply on eBay (I bought about 5m for $20 I think).

Just roll it out, get a person each end to wiggle the wire as they walk and that creates the water-type effect.

It’s a lot of fun to get creative with this type of light painting. I’m going to including this type of light painting on my course.

12 10 2009
Rod Thomas

Nice stuff Brent.. Keep me posted re Night course and if I am back from PNG ill be a definate starter for sure ! !

12 10 2009

Hey Brent . this looks like alot of fun . count me in for the night course mate . im in it for sure 😉

12 10 2009
Tony Middleton

Spectacular vibrant image Brent – looks a lot of fun and fun locations as well.

14 10 2009
Craig Chiswell

great work brent, awesome images

14 10 2009

brilliant, brilliant, brilliant, you guys are having a ball over there, great locations too. Imaging what you will be able to do with the new D3s.

19 10 2009
Doug Turney


Love the blue EL wire. For your EL wire do you use an AC invertor or do you run it off of DC? Could you give a little detail on your EL wire setup?

19 10 2009
Brent Pearson

Hey Doug

When I bought the EL Wire, it came with a transformer that plugged into the wall, but the transformer converted 240v – 12v.

I just bypassed the tranformer and made and adapter wire that plugged straight into my 12v battery. I have made a very secure but fast plug system so that when I plug any light into my battery it snaps in and won’t pull out, but I can easily change lights in a second.

Let me know if you want to see pictures of the setup.

19 10 2009
Doug Turney


Thanks for the reply. I kind of thought that you were probably going directly from the DC battery but I knew from the Night Photography and Light Painting Guide that you also use an inverter for your fluoro lights.

If you have pictures of the plug system and how you attached the EL wire that would be interesting to see.


19 10 2009
Clint Baker

Wow Brent u have some amazing shots!!! love them!!! well done

20 10 2009

yeah agree with CF, Brilliant stuff Brent!

29 10 2009

Gosh… that is amazing stuff…!!!!

14 11 2009

Hi Brent
Love this photo.
I am also interested in the EL Wire setup any chance of a photo or a video how to. As for the work shops It would be great to attend but I am in canada so a bit far to go at this time

3 12 2009

Awesome shots there Brett.
Would love to see the setup for your lights as others have suggested.
I’m guessing you have ppl fire breathing in the 2nd shot out of the windows?

Steel wool hey? I had to look it up as i had no idea what your talkin about.

Im guessing there is more info about the whole setup and how you do all this in your eBook?


25 02 2010

how did you get the effect created by spider, i.e. the golden sparks thats are flying everywhere?

25 02 2010

Hey Matthew

The sparks effects are made by lighting steel wool and then spinning it around on string or chain.


7 09 2010
Ken Baker

I found you and your photos on the internet by searching for light painting, for a project with the photo club i belong to. I found several as i was browsing around.
Your Spider On The Tracks is my final decision to save-as and share with the group.
I still can’t understand how you got so much activity in this ONE shot. OR is it just one shot? Perhaps several? I don’t know, but I will say this, “You are quite an Artist”!

7 09 2010

Hey Ken
Thanks for your note. The Spider on the Track was actually a composite of 3 images, however you COULD have made this in one exposure.


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