Post-Processing Nightmare (Part 2 of 2)

22 11 2009

Thanks for the kind words on the behind-the-scenes video of Nightmare.  This is part 2 of the article and will focus on how I did the post processing for the image.  The video tutorial is fairly long (15min) but covers a host of different techniques during the process such as;

  • Compositing an image from layers
  • Using high contrast b@w layers to create an edgy look to your image
  • Creating dusty light beams
  • Using textures in your images to create a gritty look (and where you can access over 3,000 free textures)
  • Using curves for local adjustments

I hope you enjoy this tutorial on Post Processing Nightmare.


If you find it useful, be sure to let me know… I appreciate your feedback.






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22 11 2009

Hey Brent.

A great video. I must say that your tutorials and, Matt Lauders are terrific mate. Your one on one class i had and Matts have helped immensely, making watching this kind of stuff more enjoyable and easy to follow.

Many thanks Ian 😉

22 11 2009


Thanks for sharing, apart from the photoshop techniques it gives great insight into the thought processes in arriving at the final image. I can see window light and dust might be a feature of some of my future images. Well done, excellent tutorial.


23 11 2009

Great photo Brent and thanks for sharing the tutorial. Excellent idea executed masterfully.

23 11 2009

Great work Brent, such a cool concept and awesome result.

Love your tutorial videos and it’s great that you share your techniques and ideas with everybody. Your Photoshop tips are gold and I’ve picked up some good ideas from them.

Looking forward to seeing more mate.


24 11 2009

awesome to take and idea in your head and then re create it using light. The final result I would never have known that much work goes into achieving those type of images. As always i picked up a couple of good nuggets of info I can use for those landscape shots …. Now I am thinking of an idea for a shoot down south later this week where I can use some of those nuggets …

25 11 2009
Fall Color Landscape Images « Spool Photography Landscapes Images

[…] layer was used to highlight the highlights instead of using curves and enhance depth etc thanks to Brent Pearsons last light paint video for the idea where he used a texture layer. Same idea similar result […]

26 11 2009
Graham Leggate

Excellent video Brent. Thanks for sharing the how-to behind the image. Very interesting to see how you re-created what you obviously had in your head.

30 11 2009

That was a great tutorial Brent. Certainly picked up a couple of new techniques – particularly liked the dusty light beams effect.
Thankyou very much for sharing.

2 12 2009

Another terrific tutorial Brent – thanks for sharing. And congrats on the lead shot and plug over at Digital Photography School ( ) – I know they have a pretty big audience over there.

2 12 2009

Hey Thanks Muzz

I didn’t realise that DPS were even doing an article on light painting much less including some of my images. Thanks for the heads up.


8 12 2009
Daniel Aqua

OMG, thanks so much for the video tutorial, it is fantastic the way you built this award winning image!

15 12 2009

Hey mate you’ve done it again!! 10 essential ebook list – many congrats.

16 12 2009
Brent Pearson

Thanks for the heads-up Muzz

I hadn’t seen this article before.


30 12 2009

Truly inspiring images. Any plans to come to Vancouver to present a workshop or two? Is a printer necessary to get your e book? And finally what remote release do you use for your D 700?

30 12 2009

Hey Barry

Thanks for your kind comment on my blog.

No plans to visit Vancouver at the moment (even though I love Canada).

No, a printer is not necessary for my ebook, I’ve designed it so that it can be read on screen.

Regarding remote release, I have purchased the genuine Nikon fancy schmancy remote with the timer.

I bought a few cheap units from eBay, but they fell apart. My genuine Nikon unit has taken waves and still keeps ticking.


7 02 2010

Mate love the vid. Watched it several times!


16 04 2010

Great photo, and great tutorial.

What is the graffiti font used for the photo’s title?

17 04 2010
Brent Pearson

Hey Andrew

The Graffiti Font I used was called “Owned”, I bought it from a great site

They gave me a couple of free fonts when I purchased it.


5 02 2011
6 06 2011
The Making of Nightmare – Brent Pearson – Site of the day - ZKDPhotos

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