Light Painting Article in Better Photography

29 12 2009

I just picked up a copy of the latest edition of Better Photography.  Peter Eastway has written up a nice article about a shoot I took him on a few months back to show him the ins and outs of light painting.

It’s funny what editors omit from their articles… he ommited to mention that he went on a seascape shoot with two Phase One backs in his backpack wearing thongs.  Now the trip out to the headland wasn’t too bad, but it was an incoming tide, and I think Peter got a tad nervous when we had a few dashes across the rocks in between waves.  Watching somebody dash across the rocks in thongs with about $80K worth of camera gear on their back was certainly one of the moments I won’t forget in a hurry.






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30 12 2009
Tim Donnelly

its a cool little article Brent…I read it the other day when it arrived on my doorstep! Sounds like you had your usual great time out there (even with 80k to care for)! Hope you have a great NY my good man…and we should catch up some time soon. Take Care! Tim

30 12 2009

Hey Tim
Thanks for your note. Yeah, had a fun shoot with Peter… broke out the wine, cheese and crackers 🙂

You have a good NY, and I hope 2010 brings you lots of cool shots.

Yup, we’ll definitely have to go out for some more shoots in the not-too-distant future.

I’m off up to Avoca for a week in mid Jan, so I should be able to shoot my brains out on the central coast.


30 12 2009

Classic Brent.. would have been funny to watch. He is a brave Man with that much gear on his back and we know your prone to getting a soaking or two when you head out shooting at times. When your up this way in Jan, let me know and we can head out for a shoot. Cheers Matt.

30 12 2009

Your right Matt…

I have been known to take a wave or two over the camera. Luckily the D700 is incredibly well sealed.

I think I would crap myself if I was shooting with Phase One 65MP camera and copped a wave on it.

Will be up in Central Coast 9th to 18th Jan.


31 12 2009

thats funny mate. can certainly understand why. hope you have it on video, and could understand why you wouldn’t want to show it if you did. You must have something though knowing you 😉


2 01 2010

Glad I’m not the only one who gets nervous when shooting with you Brent, Karijini is going to be hellish. Pete and I will both be sweating when your around! I wasn’t worried about my gear though, I was worried about me!!
Looking forward to the article.

4 01 2010

Very good article Brent, looking forward to Karijini as well 🙂

4 01 2010

Hey Andre
Thanks for your note. I’m looking forward to Karijini. It should be a great place to light paint. I think we can make some cool night images.


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