2 Months Since I last Shot A Seascape…

31 12 2009

I just checked my Flickr stream and it has been over 2 months since I’ve gone out shooting seascapes.  So when Gavin and Kajo said that they were heading out this week I figured it was time to haul my lazy arse out of bed and hit the rocks again.

This first shot was taken on Tuesday at North Coogee pool.  I had scouted it ages ago and figured it would be a good shoot with the high tide.  It’s an old derelict tidal pool.  As Gavin and I arrived I checked a text from Kajo (who lives just up the road) and he mentioned that he wasn’t getting there until 5:15am.  Gavin and I were there at 4:50PM and there was some lovely colour in the sky…. and it quickly disappeared… which only goes to prove that the early bird really does get the work when it comes to dawn seascapes.

This second shot was taken the following morning at Little Bay… Alarm went off at 3:45AM!… God thats early.  The image below is a blend of two images of the same scene…

  • Top half is a 60 sec long esposure to create blurred clouds and blurred distant water
  • Bottom half is a 4 sec exposure to get water movement around the rocks in f/g

I used a 3 stop Singh Ray Hard GND.  When I bought it into Photoshop I worked in the DCAM colour space and assigned Joseph Holmes -18 colour profile to create the desaturation effect (thanks for that tip Christian).

Anyway, it was fun getting back into it after some time off.   I’m heading up to the Central Coast soon, so look forward to shooting my head off in some of my favorite locations.

Happy New Year everybody




23 responses

31 12 2009

Love the shot of Coogee, very dark and moody. Very well done.

1 01 2010

Great pictures. I’m going to try doing the different shutter speeds to get results I want in a large landscape picture.

1 01 2010

great image brent, love the rock detail at the bottom!

2 01 2010

beautiful and seamless composition with that second shot. i think you’re right, the early bird definitely does get the worm. i’m yet to ever get up that early for a shoot, maybe i need to pull my finger out 🙂

2 01 2010

I have always admired the clarity of your images Brent, now I know your secret weapon, some kick arse Nikon glass. No wonder I have been struggling, I have that dodgy Canon crap! The Dcam colour spaces are pretty cool hey.

2 01 2010


Do try a sunrise shoot… it really is the best time of the day.


2 01 2010

Hey Christian
Hey C.

Yup, luvin the Joseph Holmes profiles, they are great.

The Canon lenses aren’t too shabby… maybe you need your eyes tested to find focus 😉

I just bought the new 70-200mm f2.8 VRII lens because I’m starting to shoot more and more portraits in with my landscapes. Now this is one sick lens… or in the words of my 15 year old son…. “It’s the schizz”.

I’m doing a very sexy fire twirler on Monday Night out on a rocky headland… should be a lot of fun.


2 01 2010

do you mean photographing?? :-0)

Would love to see those pics. I have the 70-200 at the mo and it is brilliant, oh so sharp and just a sexy looking bit of kit.

2 01 2010

Good catch C.

Yes… I’m not doing a sexy firetwirler… I’m PHOTOGRAPHING a sexy firetwirler out on a rocky headland.

So whats the deal with you anyway… are you just toying with Nikon gear? Changing? Using both?


3 01 2010

I am seriously impressed with the Nikon gear I have used. So much so that I don’t even want to pick up the 5d2 anymore. I would like to convert but it is a question of cost to do so. I am seriously thinking of Phase One so thats were my money will probably go. Still you need a dslr outfit too and I think Nikon has the edge on Canon at the moment. Other alternative is to get an adapter and just use nikon lenses on my Canon, or better still get accepted as an ambassador for them. I have been giving them some good press of late so hopefully they would like to see a Canon man converted to Nikon. A bit like turning a Christian into a Muslim.

3 01 2010

Love the bottom pic Brent, Great detail and atmosphere.

3 01 2010

Amazing pictures Brent, totally agree with Christian, your images are ooohhh sooo sharp. Can you share some secrets? Like what f stops are you using and are you using some calculation charts to get the best hyperfocal distances? Or is it just simply the glass?

Christian, that would make the Nikonians really happy should you change ship or jump ship.

3 01 2010

Hey Khen

Thanks for your note. I don’t think I’m doing anything that is super secret

1. I’ve a good steady tripod and head

2. I do have stunning lenses (Nikon Pro lenses). For landscapes I typically shoot with the 17-35 f2.8 lens or occasionally the 24-70 f2.8 lens. Both of which are incredibly sharp (and expensive).

3. Wherever possible I do try to shoot in the sweet spot of the lens (For landscape I usually shoot f11 if it is suitable.

4. I usually have masses of depth of field so I don’t have to worry about hyperfocal distance, I usually pick a focal point 1/3 into my scene

5. Finding Focus – I always zoom all the way in on my zoom lens, set focus manually and then zoom out and re-compose (leave lens on manual focus after that)

6. In my RAW conversion I turn off all sharpening

7. When I first bring images into Photoshop I apply Nik Sharpener pre-sharpening

8. When I’m doing my output sharpening I use Nik Sharpener in display mode and use between 20% – 30% sharpening.

Thats pretty much every element of my workflow that has to do with picture clarity or sharpness.

I hope this helps.


4 01 2010

Thanks for sharing your workflow… I will really have to try your steps out. I am actually shooting with a 24-70 f2.8 Canon lens and it is meant to be nice and sharp. But I am definitely lacking that clarity 😦 I will definitely give your workflow a try and will provide my feedback. That is if it is good result.

5 01 2010
William Ophuis

Sweet Shots! lots of mood.

5 01 2010

I know I know, I should have really gotten my arse outta bed earlier :))

5 01 2010
Graham Leggate

Very nice Brent. You have some great coastal area’s to visit which look fantastic to photograph. Agree with the other comments on the sharpness of your images, they do look sweet. Love Nikon… but those lenses make some serious dents in the bank account.

6 01 2010

Hi Brent, really enjoy your images, the top post is awesome, love the velvet colours and the detail in the stone steps.
As with all other comments, I agree, sharp sharp sharp!


8 01 2010
Mark Tierney

Superb work Brent

19 01 2010
Rod Thomas

Hey Brent,
If your headed up my way soon, shoot us a message and well catch up if your keen..
Love the shots also mate, nice work

27 01 2010

Hey Brent.

A couple of issues back of BFT i read about the DCAM colour space. If most monitors and printers can only handle at best the adobe rgb 1998 colour space is there a need mate ? also. lets say you have an excellent monitor and can work in the full colour spectrum of DCAM in photoshop, what happens when your ready for print. isnt it to big a colour space ? i would be interested in your thoughts.

19 02 2010

Beautiful image, the delineation of the rocks is wonderful and the delicate pinks are lovely. Nice to know how it was achieved.

19 09 2010

I LOVE you work Brent and I’m blown away at how helpful you are too. You tut’s are terrific and I find that cruising thru the comments is very helpful too. You’re a wealth of information. Thank you very much 🙂


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