This is cool…. seriously! Check this out. Off Camera Flash Meets Light Painting.

12 01 2010

Don’t you love it when an experiment comes together and works!  Well this one worked better than I thought.

Recently I’ve started getting more into Off Camera Flash photography and blending it in with my landscape and urbanscape images.  I came up with an idea of combining studio off-camera flash with creative light painting.  So I pulled together 2 lovely models, 1 awesome makeup artist and a bunch of strobist freaks for a  night of experimental fun.

The images that you will see in this video ARE STRAIGHT FROM THE CAMERA!!! I have not opened them at all in Photoshop, they have just been converted in Lightroom.


Makeup by Glitta Supernova

Models  Catherine and Liliana

Strobeys: Australian Strobist Group

Music: Chamillionaire – Good morning & Temper Trap – Sweet Disposition

Light Painting: Yours truly.



14 responses

12 01 2010
Tim Donnelly

what a fantastic idea!! And what a result! Outstanding stuff Brent!!

12 01 2010

WOW, Very creative and it worked an absolute treat. I would have loved to have been there for that shoot, Thats it I am going to have give this crack, hmmm now where can I find a model ? might have to train my pet dog to stand still for 30 seconds.

13 01 2010

Brett this looks fantastic – you must be pretty happy with these results. Looked like the cast and crew had a great time too.

@hodgy1 there is a guy out your way named Merv and I reckon he would come up a treat in a bit of makeup and lycra 🙂

13 01 2010
Graham Leggate

Excellent work Brent. Very cleaver concept, and looks like it would have been a fun night.

13 01 2010

You’re a legend Brent, this is some really interesting stuff.
Thanks for showing us all how it’s done.

13 01 2010

what a fantastic result mate. and what an enjoyable video to watch to. look out james cameron 😉

13 01 2010

Brent that is great piece of work. Love it.

13 01 2010

Yeah , this looks pretty freakin cool Brent !

14 01 2010
Light Painting ideas

[…] […]

19 01 2010
Rod Thomas

Nice work Brent….. reall really cool…. Might catch up with you when you head up this way soon…. talk to you later mate

23 01 2010

Outstanding stuff. Considering these came straight from camera, the result is very good!
I would suggest a crop here and there (esp. where you can see some of the b/g, but otherwise there is not much need for photoshop at all.

23 01 2010

I enjoyed it mate, especially seeing you walking around looking like the doc from the back to the future movies. Keep giving us ideas, you are making this photography stuff really interesting.

9 02 2010
Brett Morgan

That was way out of the box thinking and creativity at its best and what an awesome job everyone involved has done indeed and the end results unreal job well done Brent.

18 09 2010

It was a fun night indeed, and I still enjoy watching the video.

What you don’t see or hear in the video is all of the obligatory Star Wars jokes we were making when Darth Brent was waving the cold cathodes around.

Naturally one clown had to get out an iPhone with the light saber app on it (complete with sound effects) and join in the fun.

I’d agree with Kajo on some cropping here and there, and also some darkening of the background and a bit of cloning. Still, a good effect which otherwise requires very little post-processing. My images didn’t require much at all beyond raw conversion.

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