Wild Weather… Great Seascapes!

6 02 2010

So this weekend I’m running my seascape workshop

During the week I start getting emails from participants who are concerned about the weather forecast. Yes, the forecast is for some pretty yucky weather, but I explained to the participants that this is fantastic.   Give me storms, clouds, and high seas any day of the week.  I’ll take that over clear skies or messy little clouds any time.

So because I’m going to be instructing and this weekend at the workshop, I thought I better go out for a dawn shoot this morning to get some photography out of my system.  So Kajo and I hiked out to Long Reef and were rewarded with a fantastic dramatic 360 degree stormy seascape.  We were perched out on some rocks with waves crashing all around us from high seas, and sky that was threatening to rain on us at any moment.   We didn’t get a single drop of rain as it turns out, but had a blast.

So don’t put your camera away when the forecast is crap… get your lazy ass out of bed and brave the elements (aham… Gavin)…..




10 responses

6 02 2010

I dunno if anyone will believe me when I say that it looks worse than it was 🙂

It was certainly exciting to battle the waves so early in the morning. Goes to show – it’s almost always worthwhile to drag your a** out of bed!

6 02 2010
Andrew Brown

fantastic image Brent. Great stuff!

7 02 2010

Yeah , awesome image brent.

8 02 2010
Tim Bolger

Great shoot Brent and cool name (love that show)

9 02 2010

Great image, we need some rain over here in Perth and some nice clouds
Cheers Adrian

12 02 2010
Dylan Fox

I love seeing the skys get moody! over here we are lucky to see clouds during the summer!

16 02 2010
Andrew Fuller

This is insanely good!! Just amazing…well done : )

18 02 2010

Hey Brent,

This looks terrific mate. I to love these conditions. But when i have been out the last 3 saturday mornings to encounter bad weather and all i have to show for it is a stronger right arm from holding the umbrella im kinda pissed of lol. Hopefully this weekend the heavens bring the goods. You got lucky here my friend and im jealous 😉 With the weather that is 😉

19 02 2010
Sandy @ Shots

Fantastic image and great words of wisdom. If only my matress wasn’t soooo comfortable 😉

22 02 2010

classic Brent stuff, youdaman when it comes to insanely crazy seascapes. Just as well you a big strong buck, someone like me gets washed over in the shower! Stunning stuff.

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