I haven’t dissappeared…

12 03 2010

A few people have said to me “Hey whats up… why are you so quiet lately”?

I’m working hard on a new photographic project…. something VERY different for me… in the realm of a fine art study.   It is probably the most technically challenging project that I have undertaken to date and it is requiring quite a bit of research and experimentation.  I have booked the shoot for 29th March, so assuming it all works I’ll share the images and techniques with you all then.




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12 03 2010

Hi Brent

I was begining to worry about both you and Gavin, its great to hear that you are onto something good there.

Sounds very exciting and looking forward to hearing all about it soon.


12 03 2010

Look fwd to seeing what you are up to Brent…if you are rattled…mere mortals like me would have a fried brain by now!

13 03 2010

29th March, sounds like a full moon shoot:)

14 03 2010

hmmmm very interesting !!

18 03 2010

Sounds like you have swapped over to Canon mate!!

22 03 2010

Hey Brent,

Interesting indeed. hhhhhmmmm. what could it be ;~) cant wait.

23 03 2010
Kerry Boytell

Sounds intruiging
day or night shoot?
If you need any helpers I am available. Do not work Monday

23 03 2010

sitting on the edge of my seat here mate!

16 04 2010
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