Photoshop Upgrade – This is AMAZING!!!

25 03 2010

I came across an incredible video demonstration of a new Adobe Photoshop feature called “Content Aware Fill”.

In the words of my kids… “This is Sick”.

You have to go check out the demo!!!

If this is in CS5… I’m upgrading straight away for this feature alone.




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25 03 2010

Agree, I came across the demo as soon as I woke up this morning. This is something I have been wishing for, for a long time, I’m with you on the upgrade.


26 03 2010
Chris Belyea

That is just amazing ! +1 for the upgrade

26 03 2010

Hey Brent,

I want it now. I was recently talking to a mate about upgrading to cs4. if this is the latest version , im hook line and sinker on buying šŸ™‚

we use the software and are amazed. what about the people that put all the algorithms together so it makes it easy. there the geniuses indeed.

26 03 2010

This is incredible – I’ll be another one to be upgrading!

26 03 2010
Chris Bishop

Amazing. Time to start saving again. Adobe always manages to create one feature that makes me dip into my pockets again with each release.

29 03 2010
luke Austin

Pretty impressive. I was at Photoshop World in Orlando just the other day but did not come across any info on this feature. Would liked to have though. Very interesting

31 03 2010
Sandy @ Shots

The debate over this You Tube clip is already raging…..looks fantastic, really impressive stuff. I’m starting to wonder if I’m going to become redundant as a photographer hee hee.

Have a look at this clip to see what else it can do (if only :-)) (

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