First Blood – Karijini Trip

26 03 2010

Captain Stothard at the helm with First Mate Hewitt and Cabin Boy Fletcher

Well it is only about 3 weeks until a group of us go on an incredible photographic adventure.  I’m attending a workshop that is run by Christian Fletcher, Tony Hewitt, and Peter Eastway.  There are about 16 of us heading up to Karijini National Park in the Pilbara.

Christian with the new love of his life.

Anyway last night I was in Perth so I put out the call to see if anyone wanted to meet up.  Mark Stothard kindly offered up his 43 ft cruiser (I was a bit miffed that he didn’t order True North back to base for the drink session 😉  and a group of us went cruising up the Swan river and basically talked crap and started the jibs and jokes that will surely come when we are all up in Karijini.

Christian was putting his new Phase One through it’s paces (I think it costs more than my house… definitely more than my car).  Anyway it was a very enjoyable night.  Anybody that wants to see a few snaps of last night can view them here.





10 responses

27 03 2010

sounds like you had a blast mate. the trip your going on brent sounds truly amazing. you lucky bastard ;~)

29 03 2010

Yeah , I read up on one of his last trips…sounds and looks amazing. Keen to see the images when your return.

29 03 2010

Hey Brent, great subject matter mate!! haha best photos you have ever taken me thinks.

29 03 2010

great pics from the night mate and the commentary was first class. I have to get my pics up too, just need to strip a few pixels of them to fit on the screen.

30 03 2010

I’m truly jealous that the group went cruising while some of us sweltered in the heat! Really looking forward to the workshop and having a go at light painting. See you at Karijini.

2 04 2010

Hey Brent,
I had my first crack at light painting…hope you check it out and let me know what you was fun!!

2 04 2010
Brent Pearson

Hey Matt

Where is “your first crack at lightpainting”?


2 04 2010

Hi Brent,

Sorry, its on my blog, you should be able to get to it by clicking on my name 🙂

7 04 2010

Looks like a brilliant trip – hope you get some sweet shots out of it Brent!

10 04 2010
Tony Hewitt

Brent, river trip was a great idea. I love the images and your commentary and it is fantastic that you will be with us on the Karijini Trip, a valueable addition to the team. Looking forward to sharing.

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