Video – Making of Bodyscape

2 04 2010

Hey folks

Here’s a behind the scenes look at the making of my Bodyscape image.  I know a lot of you like to take a peak behind the scenes,  I hope you enjoy.

Music is Infinity 2008 by Guru Josh Project



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2 04 2010

Hi Brent,

Thank you as always for sharing your knowledge. You got some amazing shots out of that shoot. Really enjoyable video to watch as well.


2 04 2010

amazing set awesome photography
thanks for sharing,

2 04 2010

Wow , stunning Brent , thanks for sharing.

3 04 2010
Lee Duguid

How do you come up with these ideas? Don’t answer that, I’m not sure we need to know 🙂 Great concept and execution look forward to some more.

4 04 2010

You are only limited by your imagination, Another great idea and the execution was pretty cool as well. Looking forward to the next instalment.

5 04 2010

Excellent stuff Brent!

I bet you had fun doing that shoot…sure beats climbing down a rope in the black of night to get a sea scape eh!

5 04 2010

Hey Mark

Yes, the shoot was a lot of fun… For once I wasn’t looking at ugly photographers like Christian and Tony!

It’s lovely to photograph beautiful models, thats for sure.

Easy on the eyes.


6 04 2010

Ha ha, awesome video Brent, that assistant of yours was very impressive, studiously working away and in no way distracted. Well done on both the video and more importantly on the end result. You really seemed to be able to get to the bottom of all the technical challenges.

Gavin (trusty activator of the dry ice)

6 04 2010

>You seem to get to the bottom of the technical challenges

Ha ha.. .very good.


7 04 2010

mate, brilliant as usual. I just printed a massive print from the P65 and it has finished and I didn’t even look at it till the video was over! Didn’t want to miss any technical stuff!! I might run this concept past my wife see if she likes the idea of me creating landscapes from beautiful women. It might cost me 65% of everything I have though! See if she wants to come to Karijini!!

7 04 2010

Hey Christian
Now I know what to do to grab your attention.

It would be cool to take a model to Karijini, but then I don’t think that is going to happen.

I think you said you had one female signed up…. maybe we could talk her into some modelling in between her shooting.

Otherwise it might come down to shooting you, Hewitt or Eastway!!!!!

Better shave your butt just in case!!! 😉

7 04 2010

Brilliant work as usual Brent. It’s always interesting to see you photography evolve to take on different challenges and interpretations.

The soft lines of the body are accentuated by the mist caused by the dry ice… I’m with Lee on the fact that I have no idea where you get these ideas from, but bloody hell they are working!

I’d love to see more!

10 04 2010

shaving my butt isn’t an option Brent, but Eastway might, he is a little kinky!

14 04 2010

Hi, Brent, nice video, you have tons of fun, keep it this way 🙂

I’d also like to suggest a nice piece of software for you to check out:

It is a program tied to Google maps database and shows a in a pretty nice way details about sunrise-set/moonrise-set on any particular date on the map with directions.
Check it out 🙂

14 04 2010
Brent Pearson

Hey Hristo

I took a look at the link you sent me. The tool looks very interesting.

I’m having problems downloading it though, I have emailed the author for advice.

Thanks for the link.


15 04 2010

It was interesting to watch you make the images. It shows all the different aspects that go into the picture that one cannot see in the final outcome. Thanks for posting the video.

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17 04 2010

Hi Brent – saw a link click through from your site and read that you were having trouble downloading. I didn’t see any e-mail from you though – are you still having problems?



17 04 2010
Brent Pearson

Hey Stephen
Thanks for getting back to me. I got the AIR file to work… For some reason it wouldn’t install immediately from teh download (saying it was damaged), but I double clicked on the saved install file and it installed without a problem.

Great little program, When I get back from my outback trip I’m going to feature it on my blog. well done. I do night photography, so the moon info is especially useful.


17 04 2010

Glad you worked it out – I’ve heard a couple of folks mention that they get that problem on trying the Open the downloaded installer from within the browser.

Would be an honour to be featured on your blog!

28 04 2010

Hey Brent,

Really wonderful stuff here!! Hope to see more from you in this series on flickr…

I wanted to know what is the “working time” that you have when you work with dry ice?! Like how long till they vaporize?!


P.S. Love the music!! 😉

29 04 2010

Hey Ali

When I did the dry ice shoot, you have about 1-2min of shooting for each run.

I just put out a bit of ice… fill it with a lot of hot water, it goes crazy with fog, and you shoot like heck for 1-2 min and then it’s all over…..

You then study your captures on the laptop and reset for another run after making lighting adjustments etc.


20 05 2010

Great shot Brett
Very artistic. I love it. I was going to ask how you created the smoke but dry ice seams to be what you used.

Might have to get some of that and give it a try.


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